What the hell is going on there? The Telegraph is saying today that the munitions destroyed belonged to a warlord allied to us and the Yanks- and this was common knowledge. I think that something very underhand is going on...

And why are the Marines carrying Bergens weighing over 100lbs in that terrain? Unnecessary in my view, and will undoubtedly result in much diminished performance- proven medical fact that loads over 70lbs have severe effects on endurance, speed and alertness. Where are the Mules?

I welcome replies calling me a weakling, or other macho type posts saying "I've tabbed with 300lbs and a baseplate on my back and it didn't hurt me...".

I've experienced both over long distances and I know which one resulted in significant deterioration with no gain in effectiveness.

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Not heard about the 'friendly demolitions' incident.

On the subject of heavy bags, I suspect that they carried the packs on & off the a/c then cached them when on patrol.  Even Booties aren't silly enough to patrol with Bergans on (I hope!)
Whether or not the ammo dumps belonged to a "friendly" warlord is not important for two reasons:

1) Taking any munitions out of the plot has got to be a good thing as far as Afghanistan goes.

2) History tells us that this weeks Afghan friend might not be friendly next week.


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Another point to note was that the warlord's brother is apparently one Bin Laden's henchman now. Given that the weapons had been in the caves for fifteen years ever since the Americans gave them to them, it would be fair to assume that his brother would have known about them.


I appreciate that the destruction of the munitions is desirable- however I am uncomfortable with the politicising of the issue. Claiming that they are Al-queda  munitions then having 2 blustering bootnecks trying to skirt round the issue of ownership later in the day on the news seems to smell of downing street intervention. The mission was hyped up since deployment and it seems to me that the goverment wants a public friendly "end on a high" to an otherwise uneventful operation.
It seems ironic that the most honourable of trades is appearing to be sullied by the intervention of the least trustworthy of Tonys unelected spin boys.
I agree, unless what the RM are really up to is beyond the public's gaze (maybe their actually fighting with the Americans but the yanks are scared to admit it? :) ), it does look suspiciously like an case of the age old "we need publicity, blow something up" from the powers that be. In any case, do you think it' strange that reporters are saying it was known to local afghans and the US, but they don't say the Brits knew? Good old US-ally relations there then.

That said, i do agree the more non-government munitions et blown up, the better whever it belongs to. Another large possibility is that the government wanted it blown up because they (rightly) didn't trust the warlord, but wanted to claim it as a mistake so as to avoid upsetting him?
I read some of Pym Fortaine's (sp?) comments in the Totygraph today made before he died accusing Tony B Liar of being an American Foreign Minister without portfolio....that accusation works for me.

It seems now that 18 booties have gone down with contageous illness unknown from 45 cdo, and 45 Fld Hosp it quarantined.
I don't know how many of you went on SS2 last year, but the illness is remarkably similar to one we had there.
Hods and hods of people throwing up or squirting for days on end, and the poor old medics didn't have a clue.  Dioralyte and immodium didn't help.

Didn't make the papers though.

I lost a stone but it cleared up as soon as I booked into the Muscat Intercontinental.  Strange that!!


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