OP Post Mayan Ruin

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by Britmex, Aug 2, 2013.

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  1. Anybody out there recall the OP post in the Mayan ruins outside of San Ignacio.
  2. Cadenas OP?
  3. It overlooked a Guatamalan airfield. Use to be a four man unit with one SMG and a basic radio with 27foot whip mast.
  4. Cadenas then. Yes, stagged on there once for a week. Not as good as Hunting Caye OP though.
  5. was that the one near Punta Gorda that overlooked the army base, you would be dropped in by helicoper, yet is was supposed to be a secret.
  6. Hunting Caye was the island OP. Dropped in by Puma on the archetypal desert island to watch Guat shipping. Cruise ships would dump their punters on the bottom half of island and we would stare at them through binos whilst wearing speedos. Hard life.
  7. Not sure that was around in 77.
  8. Couldn't tell you mate, I was there in '88.
  9. However Xunantunich OP in the Mayan temple was also a tourist location. Our cover story was we were bird watchers. This worked great until we erected the 27 foot mast every 2 hours for a sitrep.
  10. was the Big C still open at that time.