Op Olympic Medal?

Discussion in 'Medals' started by 72flasher, Aug 15, 2012.

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  1. After being on Tour in Londonistan, word on the street is that troops who supported Op Olympic shall receive a medal for their services. Is this true? Personally I think we should after covering G4S's ass and all the effort we put in!

  2. Wah!
  3. Keep your eyes on the back pages of soldier magazine. I am sure one will be available soon for only £40, they seem to have walt bling from every other military holiday so I don't see why the London sports day should missout.
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  4. Ask yourself "Does this really merit a medal" after Grandad got his bayoneting a Jap, not pointed one to where to ******* toilets are!
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  5. Calm down folks - the proposal is for a commemorative coins, like those dreadful pieces of tat US personnel hand out. Mind you, our Detachment Ammenities Fund made a fortune selling thousands of 'limited edition' coins to US pers in PSAB just after 9/11.
  6. A ******* coin is that it?
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  7. After 2 weeks of skiving and free food and accommodation what else do you need
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  8. Cause I was there for six weeks. 18 hour shifts!
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  9. I think you should be kicked in the throat, repeatedly.

    "Toilets to your left Sir, no you can't take that 2 litre bottle of cider into the stadium..."
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  10. Bloody hell, you must be nails. Were you at the FOB at Dorney lake or were you a stadium remf!
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  11. Were you there? Did you have to stop would be asylum seekers and the DPRK peoples army? And take shit off Joe Public?
  12. I want one for doing Windsor horse trials in 1972......And it was raining!
  13. So, you get paid for 24hrs a day! Plus G4S kindly donated 2.5 million towards your welfare fund as well. **** me, some people are never happy!