Op Olympic extension rejected

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bonobo_Boy, Aug 16, 2012.

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  1. I was mobilised for Op Olympic on a 1 month mobilisation, quite a few for my Regiment asked to be extended for the Para-Olympics.
    We were rejected, then 2 days later asked again if we wanted to extend, but for our location they only needed 15 people, 18 volunteered.
    We were told 2 days before demobbing we had not been accepted.
    When we arrived at Grantham, we had yet another briefing from a Major, he mentioned that the reason we hadn't been extended was basically our own fault because the criteria for extending was that we had to be Unemployed, Self-employed or a Student and when we went through the J1 cell, we obviously hadn't checked our details on JPA were correct and it must be on there that we were employed.
    On my return to my unit I asked the AO to check my JPA employment status, "Unemployed", the other lads asked the same question ALL were either unemployed or students.
    We have since found out the CO applied pressure to make sure we weren't extended so we would be able to go on ATP which starts in September.
    Thanks to the COs actions, I will be roughly £2500 pounds out of pocket and if I go on camp will run out of MTDs.
    Values and Standards
  2. At least you qualify for a shiney new coin. :)
  3. boohoo.jpg

    What is the fascination with medals?

    A fucking medal for showing people where to piss?

    (I'm going to be told off for that aren't I?)
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  4. I couldn't give a fuck.
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  5. The needs of the service...................

    You're not £2500 out of pocket because you haven't earnt it.

    Your unit requires its personnel elswhere.

    If G4S hadn't screwed up would you have got anything....before answering remember that back at Chrismas was the first time that they said they would not have enough staff and the first military was selected.
  6. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Well you won't be '£2500 pounds' (is that £5000 then?) out of pocket because you never had it in the first place, did you? Chump. As for the MTDs, I bet you don't 'run out' on your Annual Hooley, you'll get paid I'm sure.
  7. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Wrong, you should have said: Fucks given = 0.
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  8. Join the proper army then ^~

    Maybe your CO wants to concentrate on ensuring his (so called) soldiers receive some military training in the training year :)
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  9. Do you still get paid a bounty? or is that a thing of the past nowadays? If you do still get paid a bounty and you want to qualify for it, then do whatever your CO tells you to do.
  10. The use of reserves on Op Olympics should throw up a number of lessons identified on how the future under FR2020 will look.

    Some of it is good (mobilised reserves can work, soldiers get excellent PR/joe public interface time), some of it is confirmation of the bleeding obvious (the army does pre planned ops pretty well) and some of it is not so warming (inability to cope with square pegs in round holes, regular hierarchy sometimes treating UK Ops as normal ops and the occasional sock puppet nature of TA senior hierachy)

    The usual line to fuckabouts such as the OP's will probably be something along the lines of "get used to it, this is what the real (i.e regular) army is all about".

    Will be interesting to see what the overall reserves feedback is when the purple dust settles
  11. Dry your eyes, your CO has made a decision and as others have posted, look in the mirror, you are not one of those volunteers in a purple shirt you are a soldier. I have no idea what ATP is, but I suspect it is trade related and that is what you are employed for - Values and Standards.

    BTW - running out of MTDs in Sep??? It being you have been mobilised - what have you been up to???
  12. Wrong. A significant number of DSRs (for OP OLYMPICS MACA tasking were renamed Defence Support Requests) have been in the pipeline for 2-3 years. Overall Olympics training started last september and was quite TA heavy
  13. Care to elaborate - genuinely interested?
  14. I'm not feeling the love in the room........

    Bugger. My Give-a-shit O-Meter just broke.