Just been pinged for a possible tour of Bosnia, however looking into it i have been told that the Op will no longer be once we get there, as it is shutting down.

Will we still get the Op allowance (Bosnia i know) but the guys out there got it?

Will the guys still be eligable for a Gong?

Trivial things, but means alot to the bank manager and the indivduals going out.
Im out in Kosov at the min, having done a couple of months in Bosnia first. Due to OPSEC reasons i cant go into it in detail, but the guys out here will be the last deployment to Bosnia, period. There are small slots in camp Butmir (Sarajevo) but im pretty sure their closing down too.

If your IN theatre and have served your 28 days, youll qualify for your EUFOR medal (chocolate bar medal). Ive also been told (and this is totally rumour control) that its 12 quid something a day out in theatre for your tax relief, but you might have to serve a period of qualification.

You sure your not coming out to Kosovo? Op OCULUS is also a Kosovo deployment...because after the death by powerpoint i had, you aint going to Bosnia mate!


No definatly Bosnia, BLMf. just come back from a RECCE, i know the whole place is closing down and they said they want us out by end of July. No one could give us an answer on the Op allowance and Gong though.

Cheers for the reply though, here's hoping to the chocolate medal and the beer tokens. :drunken: