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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by TA_sig, Sep 18, 2006.

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  1. Bearing in mind opsec ya fools.

    Well then, has anyone else had CVHQ coming around and doing the hard sell? I'm just wondering how crazy you'd have to be to go and play in Bosnia for 6ish months (plus optag and post leave). Does anyone have current experience of 97 sigs and can recomend for or against it?

    Myself I'm considering it as a radop (trade) or IS eng, since that's close to my real world aspirations, and I'm young with relevant degree etc.
  2. Its alot different to Telic & Herrick but still gives you valuable experience. In the summer the weather is stunning - winter can be harsh.
  3. Got mate out there now . He reakons its good and would recommend it to anyone.
  4. I went on the last one. Got a mate currently out there with 97 and he is having a brilliant time. Build up training was first class - even some of the Regulars said it was the best pre-deployment and Optag training they had ever done in their careers.

    If you do Bosnia/Kosovo you get the 3 year exemption from other mobilisation risk.

    I am thinking of going again as well having been their once and the fact that they currently seem to be having a brilliant time.
  5. Wish i could have done it but other careers stopped me.
  6. I went in 2004. Did both the COMMCEN, and the DAGGER det. Was ok, some numptys, some good blokes. Stayed in touch with a selected few, since ive been back. Going away does hold youre promotion up, as i was put back for over 2yrs. Worked had for 12-18 months, course after course, to make up time lost, being away. Finaly got up to speed, and got promoted this year.
    So the choice is yours.
    The decision is yours.
  7. Yep go for it !!!!! I was there in 2004, had a good tour and some good times out there
  8. The brief wasn't quite the hard sell I expected, I was half thinking that just by being there I had volunteered myself. Still thinking about it though
  9. There's a few people thinking similar thoughts polar69, it could be quite a party if we all ended up going.
  10. Unfortunatley I missed the brief

    When is the tour? Summer/Winter?

    is it a composite SQN goiing out? or individuals attached to 97sigs?

    Any details would be great as im looking for a tour.

    PM me.
  11. Check out CHVHQ on Armynet, think there's a few details there: Essentially I believe the plan is the same as last time, forms up in Feb, optag and plenty of pre-tour training and mobilised until Nov/Dec (as long as crab air works you should be home by christmas) with 2 months POTL/Annual leave on the end.

    They want pretty much all trades.

    The majority of 97 will be reservists, with regs very much in minority - a STAB summer holiday so to speak.
  12. If you think its going to be a party,,,,, DONT GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Anyone seen the ORBAT yet? Anyone related to CVHQ know if the vacancies will be published on ArmyNet in the same way as Telic/Herrick and some Oculus are?
  14. TA_sig check your pm
  15. Strange thou, that party seems to be more popular with TA Sigs than mobilising for Iraq or Stan. Seems to be the main oppurtunity for TA Sigs SNCO's to mobilise and because they are going, they are also drawing a number of JNCO's and OR's. Guess thats true for officers aswell.

    Is 34 Sigs Regt the lead unit this time?