OP.NAMES Whay are they pantz?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mr Happy, May 31, 2006.

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  1. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Actually you mean Desert Shield, or as we might prefer it here Granby. And to help out your memory, if Saddam had wanted Saudi Land he could have had it in August 1990 when he walked into Kuwait.
  2. I meant exactly what I said. Desert Shield was the septic name for the build up. Once the air war kicked off it became Desert Storm.

    Had he entered Saudi he would have said goodbye to his presidency even sooner. Do you really think that the most powerful nation in the world would have let the scrote have control of all the middle east oil wells? The septics would have had a field day.

    I would have used the term 'Op Granby' but it had slipped my memory. Why do the MOD always insist on such bone names for operations?
  3. Security for one, it gives no indication about the op.

    And if Sadam had taken Saudi where would they (the US)invade from?
  4. Because unlike the Septics, we prefer not to let our enemies know what each and every operation is about, should they manage to get their hands on a list of possible operations. The name of our operations bears no relation to the matter in hand. It also stops people from thinking of really stupid and cheesy names like "Operation Enduring Freedom" "Operation Kiss My Ass" and other such tripe.
  5. Security? Hmmm. Every man and his dog knew what Op Banner was. It was published in the papers enough times and was even announced on the BBC news recently. Just in case some of you aren't aware, I am ex reg. I still think we could come up with better names than we do without breaching opsec.
  6. The naming of operations comes from a convention developed by Winston Churchill. I forget the exact phreaseology, but the intent was that operations should not be given a name that would look rather stupid if it failed (eg newspaper headlines 'OP UTTER WALK IN THE PARK bogged down in seventeeth month of muddy, bloody stalemate') or that someone would be embarrassed dying for (eg "my one and only son Timmy lost his precious life from horrific burn injuries sufferd during the heavy fighting of OP RATHER NICE SIDE SALAD") or, as stated above, would compromise OPSEC (eg 'here are the top secret plans for OP WE INVADE YOUR COUNTRY ON TUESDAY'). All in all, I think the big man was right.
  7. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Does it really make a difference, it is only a name after all. You know what would happen, we would get a whole department of civil servants who would have their job descriptions of thinking names up. Mind you how about Supreme Head of Intelligent Titles...?
  8. I was going to get a team of scaleys together - the Network Engineering Response Detachment.
  9. As I understand it there is actually a list of names that you should draw upon to name an Op. All randomly generated so as not to be too obvious, though some were pretty accurate nonetheless. Op Gypsy was the reinforcement of NI with extra Bns into the likes of Dungannon. As it was, until the ERB was established there was a lot of shifting of locations. And it had a G as it was not that long after Granby.

    I recall there was a change to exercise names a while back (oh yeah - Ops get a single name e.g. Granby, and exercises get 2 e.g. Ex Harp String) It was decided that more subtle names should be chosen for pretty much the same reason as Churchill came out with - so the final Platoon Commanders exercise was changed from Ex Grim Reaper - "Ma'am, your son was killed on etc..."
  10. Wasn't there also a plan to call Team Medics something like Combat Unit Nursing Technicians?
  11. the original codename of op enduring freedom was "ultimate justice". possibly the worst name that the septics could have come up with seeing as the koran states that only allah can dispense ultimate justice. having shite codenames also ensures we dont make cultural or religious faux pas such as this.
  12. Going back to Churchill, I believe there's a story about his having to personally approve the name of an operation to conduct a raid on the island of Phuket, called Op ROGER.
  13. No, but I seem to recall a really poor joke about it.
  14. Weren't the actions in Panama called 'Operation Just Cause?'
  15. the yanks do it best! the jaunt into iraq was originally entitled "Operation Iraqi Liberation".

    telling it like it is (from wiki)

    i liked the title "The War Against Terror" as well :D 8O