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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by bokkatankie, Jun 10, 2013.

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  1. Couple of easy ones to get you going, location, date (s) and reason (and if you want units involved if applicable):

    Op Hyperion

    Op Trustee
  2. Op Trustee

    Heathrow Airport Guard to react to potential / Actual terrorist attack.

    Usually involved a single Company from one of the Guards Battalions stationed at Chelsea Barracks and a Troop of Armour from the Donkey Wallopers. Was compromised when some knob left laptop in car. Is no doubt, still going on today but called something else.

    Dates?? Hazard guess from early 70s until compromise.

    Edited to add, it was a MACP role in support of the Mets.
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  3. I was at Upavon when it was all getting started, so take it back.
  4. Well done now your turn!
  5. Op ORETTA
  6. Was it a military operation, that involved medals etc., if so I will take it back but aim here is actual Operations not pencil pushing in Andover :grin:

    Yours was Project Hyperion, not the same thing at all!
  7. Op Giraffe
  8. You weren't there man, you weren't there.
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  9. According to ARRSEPEDIA on Google: generic flood relief MACC Ops. The list of Ops on AP is quite short!
  10. That's interesting. In my day it was purely confined to London (Thames Barrier) and we did practice deployments to Police Stations who invariably tried to put me and my C42 in a broom cupboard! Not that I would need decent comms or anything with the timescale for Martial Law being declared a mere 24 hours!
  11. Op WIDEAWAKE. The only Op some of the walting ******* on this site have ever been on...
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  12. South Staff Police Op to combat dogging in Cannock Chase. :)

    Or did you have a different Op in mind???