Anyone here old enough to remember OP.Motorman in NI early 70's.For those that dont know Op.Motorman was where units in NI was given a pacific terrorist to be picked up.Whilst waiting for the kick off at midnight i was lstening on the old C13 radio when i recieved a radio message from someone sending his posistion in griddle.On checking his posistion we found he was in the middle of the North Sea.So i asked him in clear where he was at,he said he was in Germany and i started to laugh and told him i was in NI.All this on a normal antena it was just one of those freak nights for radio waves.Before you ask no we did not have a sky wave antena up.

Anywho midnight came and off we went in my sarry can to our target,busted in the door and rushed into the bedroom grabbed the guy and started to search for weapons.I noticed the wife of the looking to calm for what was going on.I stuck my SLR rifle muzzel into her nose pulled back the sheets and there was an old thompson between her legs.The guy was thrown into the back of the sarry can,tryed to sit in one of the seats and was promptly thrown onto the floor.As i drove the sarry can to the nearest RUC station,i made sure that i hit every bump and pothole.lol

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