Op Moshtarak

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Oyibo, Feb 7, 2010.

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  1. An interesting strategy of publicising the operation around Marjah - If successful, it could in the long run lead to the Taleban losing authority in areas if they leave, and if they stay they will get a bloody great battle.

    It will be interesting to see how it works out.

    (Edited to add: it's on Sky news at the moment)
  2. Let's pray that there will be NO "Blue on Blue" with two separate battle groups fighting along side each other.
    So, yet another major battle about to start in this strange war.
    The best of British to all concerned, and i am sure that you will all do your best for your queen and country. :salut:

    I want every single one of you to come home.
  3. Also, I think (this) one thread for Op Moshtarak news?
  4. Is it normal to tell the enemy you are about to attack - sort of gives the game away by putting it on the front page of the Telegraph.

    Something similar happened pre-Somme & pre-Goose Green in 1982, 28 years later and we are still telling the opposition to dig in & watch & shoot.

    Some info-ops are lost on me
  5. I believe the operation is being published because, it being a Counter Insurgency operation they want to make sure all the civilians have left the area.
  6. They want it publicised, the idea is to give them two choices - lay down their arms and become upstanding citizens, or fight and die. Sounds familar ey?
  7. The idea of publicising this was in the hope that the Taliban leave and don't bother waiting for all hell to break loose on them.

    Not sure if it will work. I suppose only time will tell.
  8. I am of the oppinion that releasing details of an impending major operation will mean that it is not such a shock when (if) casualties are announced to the prss. 10 cas during panthers claw was seen as excessive, Moshtarak will be a much larger operation.

    This could be the turning point in this conflict as we are not just fighting the talibs and insurgents, we are fighting public oppinion.
  9. Fighting FOR public opinion, is the way I would prefer to put it.
  10. Should have put a nice big cordon in first and then announced it and shoot all the terries trying to get out of there!
  11. If the Afghans are aware it's happening then why would we want to hide it from the British public? I agree with the steeling the public for bad news point, having read the references to the possibility of downed Chinooks in the press.

    A Chinook pilot with 7 Sqn was very lucky last week when he took an AK round through the windscreen and into his helmet, it would only take one lucky shot for us to have a very bad day.
  12. With the ANA involved an op this big would have got out anyway in that part of the world and as previously mentioned there's the preparing the public for bad news point (esp with an election looming).

    All said and done the news is out now and it remains to wish those involved (terry exempted of course) the best of luck, take care and come home safe.
  13. Considering the area has been 'well' documented on most of the relevant islamic websites & the Terry has been preparing the area for sometime (last reports were up to 12 months) very tough times lay ahead for this specific OP,

    Re-emphasis ALVIN point on BLUE on blue, good luck to all personnel,.
  14. The very best to our troops on Operation Mushtarak. I hope the operation goes well, and you all return safely, you are in our thoughts.

    "Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more!"