OP MI MANAGERS Mar 06 - They even let the darksiders pass!

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by roseandpose, Mar 31, 2006.

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  1. What are we coming to?

    If I hear one more word about linguists and hard they have it!

    Remember when they gave you the check box that said Op Int and Sy or OPSI(L)? You take the MLAT, you takes your choice.

    Seriously, well done everyone
  2. It's such an easy life, everyone wants to earn the coveted (L) title.
  3. The course has changed for the better I think. I know we now all have to submit a formal letter to the CRSM, but I think we are on the path to enlightenment.

    'Have the NBC results been published yet?'

    'Section commander - come on me.'

    'Graeme, thanks for the 18 inches'

  4. how has it changed?
  5. A lot more on the role of the WO and typical scenarios, rather than going on fighting patrols and setting ambushes. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing better than being in cut off group left, but it doesn't happen that much at a CS MI Sect.
  6. Formal letter to the Corps Razza? What's that all about then? At the moment it sounds really pump.
  7. I am lead to believe that it was the darksiders who excelled on this course - one even came Top Student. Is your post tinged with more than a hint of jelousy?
  8. Must have been ex Royal Signals Linguists!!
  9. Ooooh you bitch!!

    (But so true....)
  10. It is not unheard of for Darksiders to excell on Cadre course. It's the RSigs mentality. They do sometimes put us Lightsiders to shame when it comes to Mil Trg.

    (was going to put some derogatory comment about darksiders, but decided to save it for another thread)

  11. It's all politics. When we became a single trade (ha!) and the term darksider disappeared (ha!), most of the embassy posts, Oman etc went to the morse tappers as a desperate retention scheme. Now that they have had a few years to ruin liasion with the host nations, proper Op Int and Sy are now being posted to these jobs. The 'lets keep the weirdos happy' initiative has now been replaced with giving best student.
  12. Saucer of milk for R&P please....

  13. WTF was the Corps thinking handing the posts over to the Royal Signals Radio Telegraphists?
  14. Just what I was thinking Fraser. Obviously roseandpose has his finger on the pulse..... :roll:

    I mean, imagine sending a Class1 Russian Interpreter to Moscow, how fcuking stupid is that?
  15. And surely only a fool would consider sending an Arabic Interpreter to Oman. :lol: