OP MI Managers - Info reqd

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Shok, Apr 24, 2007.

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  1. Anyone been loaded onto next course? Can one of yer drop me a PM pls.


  2. Cheers ppl! Now in touch with mothership ;-)

    Now if i could have put money on ownership of first PM...... :D
  3. MOD - can we move this one now?????
  4. First bit of information is not to use txt spk here, moron. Second bit of advice you should consider about the OP MI Managers is the location of the Senior Instructor's office for when you are RTU'd you dark side penis.
  5. Another eloquent and erudite reply worthy of any dim-sider, H_B. I think we would all like to thank you for your tremendous contribution to the thread/site. Thank you for letting us know that abbreviations have been oulawed and under no circumstances should anybody make any attempts at brevity when adding posts. Now why don;t you take your head for a defecation. You may find a dictionary or thesaurus useful at this point and I point you in the general direction of the library a place I doubt you have seen the inside of since you were lost on arriving at your unit.
  6. No adequate library here my friend, this is an operational unit. I comment as I see fit, as others do - do not judge me harshly. I, like many, am a soldier, I do not waste time in superfluous tittle-tattle about courses, arse-wipings and the like. If you don't like my tone, ignore it, but allow me the chance to voice it, as others are allowed to. Don't know when your time was, but mine is surely more recent...
  8. In 20 years time you might like to ponder:
    " you can take the soldier out of the Army, but can you take the soldier out of the man?"
    Have Lofty Wiseman or Ken Connor suddenly become civvies overnight??
    Do I suddenly.... always sit with my back to the door in the pub?

    Just a gentle reminder that valuable currency in current operations, will contribute to building a depth of operational experience.
    Old gits may also remember AFVs getting blown into the air daily, by IEDs.
    They may also remember days in theatre where double digits of innocent people or comrades were killed:

    La Mon House Hotel
    Warrenspoint / Lord Mountbatten
    Sir Gallaghad
    US Marine base Beirut
    Khobar Towers

    They may also remember helping the widows stuggle through alchoholism for years and doing what they can, between deployments, to help their dead mates kids grow into well balenced young adults.

    Do you cancel the Regimental dinner as a mark of respect?
    Do you proceed with the Regimental dinner as a mark of respect?

    Doubtless, topics already covered on the Op MI Managers' course.
  9. Well said sub.
  10. Poignant and very true observations, Subb. Certainly things to think about, and the OPMI Mgrs' Cse is an excellent opportunity to discuss these matters.

    I think the course has come on leaps and bounds since I did mine, but there is still ample scope for improvement. It may be worth looking at other Corps' and Regiments' WO CLM courses, to see how they approach the subject - or are we going to continue to make it up as we go along?
  11. Well said Sub. I believe there have been some alterations to the course again this year and that it is only 2 weeks long with no requirement for Bergan and webbing. Look forward to hearing what it was like when Shok et al get back.
  12. The whole CLM process is undergoing one of its regular reviews shortly/at the mo. The idea is to detect best prac, common to all A and S. So some of the good things of the OpMI Managers course will no doubt find their way into other courses and vice versa. I saw a very impressive powerpoint about this-obviously designed by a management consultant as I couldn't really figure out what it was all about, but it looked good :)
  13. Am already looking forward to the "it's not like it used to be" snipes :D
  14. Sorry, and you are?
  15. Well if it isn;t like it used to be it willprobably be for the better.