OP MI Managers Course


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And we all know that there were those that did not deserve to.... but a jolly well done to all that did!
Of course, it's not as hard these days as it used to be. From what I heard, all you have to do nowdays is turn up on time, dress like a girl and drink shandy all night.

No 29 SM&D Course, now that was a real course. Everything was made of wood, and cost thruppence ha'penny, and you could leave your bergen unlocked.
I think you will find the word you are looking for is someone and you truly cannot type can you!
Oh balls, i never noticed that one!
Still, the standards were much lower when I was recruited.
If that's who i think it is, I won't be seeing you in Cyprus next month, as I'm not going. the rest of the team will be there though.
and what a mighty pain in the arse it was too - still, at least the extra money will be in the bank soon. makes that bitter pill of all the lance jacks who have got out and are earning pop stars wages in the middle east that bit easier to swallow....


which they probably will do - 8 x WO2s carrying out a section attack - I wouldnt put it past our glorious leaders in their ivory tower to make it happen
I just don't see what the drama was. There is nothing the WOs in the Corps need than to be (re) taught how to be an infanteer in 72 hours, no IT, no direction, I'm onnlyu glad I did CLM part two recently. Now that WAS a bag of nails!!! The real tommies on the CLM couldn't believe what we did on that Managers' course as Warrants. Urine taking was at optimal level.


thats the corps for you! - cant think of anything else to "test" us on at our level, so lets put em back in the field - "that'll test the barstads"

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