Op Market Garden

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Jacques_Bustard, Sep 27, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone recommend a good book on Market Garden please?

    Many thanks
  2. A Bridge to far by Cornelius Ryan
  3. The Race for the Rhine Bridges : 1940, 1944, 1945 ISBN: 0285502786) Alexander McKee

    This puts the Arnhem into context.

    If you want real detail have a look at the Op Market Garden two volume "after the Battle" book.
  4. The Devils Birthday by Geoffrey Powell: he fought there (look him up on the web)

    Arnhem by Peter Harclerode is more recent and better researched than C.Ryan's 1960s epic A Bridge Too Far. It really takes to bits the chain of crap decisions and failures in organisation, training, equipment and planning.

    It Never Snows in Sepetember by Kershaw is heavy going, but worth persevering, because it is written from German sources - and shows how the German order of priority for the 3 bridges was Eindhoven 1, Nijmengen 2, so that Arnhem - savage though the fighting was - was the least of their worries, and attracted the least choice of the resources they scraped together in response to Market Garden.

    Enjoy :D
  5. Kershaw's book is very good. The best thing is to read that and the After the Battle books, then go there and look around. The museum at the Hartenstein is very good, and there are still a lot of 'locations' for want of a better word that can be found and compared to how they looked in '44.

    The people of Arnhem are great, too. My car broke down, and the chap at the first house I stopped at gave me coffee, booked me a hotel, drove me there, called their version of the AA and paid towards the hotel room (I must have looked poor!). They're not too keen on the Germans, though....
  6. A jump too many, by a certain Lt/col Frost. Well, he should know.
  7. Arnhem 1944 by Martin Middlebrook.
  8. Try this link. Met the author in Arnhem. The book is not available through retailers, only from the author in person or via his web site. The book is very detailed and I'd say one of the best on Arnhem.

  9. Many thanks to all who have replied, Mrs Bustard will now a good idea for what to get me for Christmas!
  10. This is without doubt a genius of a book... it has the appearance of a rather dry study on the subject but provides some unique commentary from Germans on why the fought so hard even though to the Allies the end was inevitable. An utter utter must read... in my Top Ten of all time military books...
  11. You should hear the author in person: had the pleasure of touring the Arnhem battlefield - for 3 days from Staff college - with Kershaw and Powell, amongst others, who included the IG Sgt (name evades me right now) who commanded the 1st Sherman over the Nijmegen Bridge.

    Quote from him, when ordered by his OC (Lord Carrington) to advance "Sir, don't you think this is an officer's job?"
  12. There's also an After the Battle special, done at the time of the filming of A Bridge Too Far. Lots of the usual then and now, with additional now shots from the filming.

    Also ask for a video of Theirs is the Glory (1946/7?). You might have to contact the Hartestein Museum (sp?) in Oosterbeek.
  13. . . filmed, if I'm not mistaken, in Arnhem, with survivors of the battle re-enacting thier real life experiences.

    One officer (the Intelligence Officer 2 Para?) is a particular joy to watch. I do hope he really did behave as nonchalantly in battle as he did in the movie. :D
  14. Excellent film and you can get it online fromTesco's - I jest you not!