Op Jaywick/ Op Rimau.


I was wondering if anyone knew anything about these two WW2 operations which took place in the far east. They were led by Maj (later Lt Col) Ivan Lyon of the ordon Highlanders. The raids basically went from Australia to singapore to sink enemy shipping with limpet mines, and Jaywick was a complete success but Rimau went wrong, with all the raiders either killed in combat or captured and executed. Basically I am trying to find out more about the men who went on the raids. I am running into dead ends on the net. I have literature on the actual raids, but info about the careers of the raiders before is scant. Can anyone help please?
Start with "Japanese war crimes" and work backwards from there. Lyon's captured team were beheaded. That's the path I took when looking it up, there is quite a lot, especially on Australian sites.

You could also try the Australian War memorial collection. I don't have the link to hand, but it is a fantastic online resource.