Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Sgt_Henno_Garvie, Aug 20, 2007.

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  1. Ive just volunteered to go on OP HERRICK an i was just wondering how much weight the overall kit that you patrol with is? Also what PT should i be doing to get me fit enough to do my job with regards to heat, kit weight etc. Oh yeah an is there any gucci kit that i shud buy for the tour?

    Any info wud be most appreciated

    Cheers guys
  2. What do you mean should you do any PT to be fit enough to do your job. You should always be fit enough to do your job.
  3. He's not saying he's unfit, he wants to know how to train here in a cold climate to help him acclimatise to work in a hot climate.

    Are you saying we should all be naturally used to working in the Afghanistan climate, or do you actually have some useful advice?
  4. Run ...try hill walking...its hard at first...but you will be OK out there( fitness wise)....I was not down South...short runs great for weight loss... :D

    Safe tour mate

  5. Mental note:
    don't bother asking for any info when I go.

    Really helpful.....what a ******* tool.
    The boy deserves a pat on the back, not a stupid come back.
    Get a grip you waste of a skin.

    Micbrasier: best of luck mate.
  6. You can't acclimatise in the UK. You have to be in the Gan for ten days doing crap jobs and basic PT to acclimatise and you should be able to pass your MATTS, BPFA and CFT before they will deploy you. It also depends what your role will be to what OPTAG package they load you on to, which will prepare you for your specific role.

    In my opinion I think it was a bone question as well.

  7. Patrolling with weapon, body armour, full stores (inc ammo and water) and daysack, 70lbs plus.
  8. Tis true...Even the patrol medics hump some nasty weight. Just hope that it is mounted and you get to sit in a rolling bullet magnet. Just try not to look to special i.e. If your medic lose the red cross and don't attach all sorts of gucci med kit to the outside of your bergen.

    But give us an idea of what you will be doing? What is your trade or role when deployed? And I hope you don't answer with something like chef (no disrespect chefs) it would just be a crap question if he is.

  9. My bold, I do apologise I did not take this bit in when I first read It.

    I don't know If this is any use to you, but I have trained for races In warm climates and used a tread mill In a warm room.
    Another thing you could try Is wearing more layers the you normally wood when out training, just remember to keep well hydrated when doing anything like this.
  10. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    Please tell me this is a wah!?

    Just get as fit as you can before deploying, but don't break yourself with huge weight or ''wearing wooly pullies'. Circuits, fartlek, hill walking (with a day sack, nothing too heavy) in your own time will sort you out, and try to keep it interesting.

    Leave the belt kit, day sack/bergan, boot, body armour acclimatisation until to you reach unit/OPTAG where you'll do all the heavy phys you need, ie. Stage 5 live firing and a bit of bayonet fighting (you'll look a bit odd doing this at home). As already alluded to, you'll acclimatise to the heat in theatre, supervised by experts.

    Please, please, do not think that doing press ups in a sauna is going to sort you out.

  11. No It is not a wah, I and other people I have meet have done this, I did not mean a sauna or anything that extreme.

    But like you have stated as long as he turns up fit enough his OPTAG will sort him out with all he needs.
  12. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    This reminds me of the BBC's series 'Empire Warriors' which had an episode on Lt Col Colin "Mad Mitch" Mitchell and the Argyls in Aden. His way of preparing his Battalion for a summer tour in South Arabia was to have them work out in full kit, with the heating in the gymnasium turned up full blast.

    Worked for them apparently.
  13. It must be a Wah! You can only acclimatise to an environment when your there. There are so many variables: Increased work load, stress, Altitude, Weather patterns, Time zone changes, extreme heat differences during the night and day.

    Think about what your saying before you post. You sound like a mentalist telling people to train in more clothing to adapt to an environment. Do you walk around town naked when your training to go to Norway?

    Maintain your fitness and theory to the required standards for your job and you will have no problems.

    I don't even know why I am replying, what a crap forum. I have finished off my belt feed rant and I'm popping smoke to somewhere else.

  14. Thanx for all the info posted guys, few negative comments like but hey, im only 21, passed a year ago an have a shit unit that tell u **** all so wot else am i supposed to do?
  15. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    Don't confuse negativity with practical, experienced advice (not from me, clearly) from people who have served in theatre, that happens to contradict some pretty awful suggestions.

    Good luck when you get out there. It is a brilliant country, IMHO.