Discussion in 'Infantry' started by 02FD32, Jun 12, 2007.

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  1. Folks,
    anyone know the bfpo number for 1 Royal Anglian BG.?
    Can you send parcels and WTF do they need most..

    edited for being a mong speller.. again..
  2. Nice one.

    The Evening sentinel in Staffs did a parcel/letter/sweetie drive for the Staffords while they were in Iraq. It went down well with the lads I hear.

    Could we encourage their local papers to do a similar thing for them?
  3. I think its BFPO 792, however hopefully someone from the Anglians will reply
  4. Bastion is 792, dont know any more than that though.
  5. thanks Biff..

    it is 792..
  6. I got this from RANGLIAN RHQ back in April, after I asked them the same question; do you know if the situation has now changed?

    "Thank you very much for your most generous offer. I know that the troops on the ground will be very happy to know that they have such support as yours back home. Unfortunately we have a logistical problem of how to get such gifts out to them. The RAF flights to Afghanistan are always so full with either personnel or operational equipment, that we have been told not to send such things out. I am sorry that your generosity cannot be exercised, but could I suggest that if you feel strongly you make a donation to the Army Benevolent Fund which has already been able to help a number of servicemen who served in Afghanistan."

    Maybe it's time for an ARRSE campaign to get this kind of thing available to all the BG's in the sandpit or elsewhere.....
  7. Im amazed at that reply angular, so the lads in Afgnistan and or Iraq have everything they need, yes right.

    Maybe your right, if we had proper addresses to send stuff to, then IT has to be delivered. However still suprised by the reply!!

  8. Send it! i'm sure there may be a delay, but why should they guys on the ground have to suffer? Whats half a ton on a C17 that can carry so much anyway. Good gesture and sure anyone in theatre would appreciate it.
  9. Is this policy or some tw*t officer making decisions above his rank?

    Wasn't there a quote about the lads there feeling forgotten?

    I'm annoyed.
  10. Chaps,

    Believe me - mail goes on every single flight, ATF or charter that goes to Iraq or Afghanistan. There are however and always will be capacity and priority issues that mean that mail (and lots of other stuff) may not get on the first available ac. There are currently restrictions on mail I think, in terms of size and weight - BFPO would be able to tell you more and a 'free' postal service for ops may be in the pipeline.