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op herrick

well the time has come to say goodbye to my ;family,girlfriend and friends im off to the stan to any guys who know me out there have a good one and i'll see you in 6 months . i will try and send an update ,without intruding on opsec . cheers all


"its a mushroom thing"
I agree, the 9 post's you have submitted have really struck a cord!
Now Pish off! :numberone:
enjoy the green bean in KAF, the MOAC is the Mother Of All Coffees. But the ice drinks go down very nice in the midday sun.


Also on a serious note. I hope the training you have received prior to deployment stands you in good stead.
You have a girlfriend?

Although, NAAFI girls always do get some action before deployment. :twisted:

Good luck and keep your head down mate.

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