OP Herrick video/news footage

As links to video clips of the Afghanistan Operations are scattered throughout the Forums, I thought that starting a thread where they could be brought together would be useful. It should make it easier for people to find clips they've been looking for.


ITN News report. Bill Neely
27 MAR 07
Royal Marines Assault a Taliban held village on foot.
Zum Balay.

Some very close up camera footage.
Great video. I had one of the RM getting bumped and then clearing out a house. The videos give a great insight to what it is like in Afganistan.
Good job and good luck boys...

...did anyone else see the "Lt. Richard Sharp"?

Thought that was a bit of a laff.
Your sons are pathfinders? That's pretty gaffa lol
That version isn't meant to be on the web, it was sent to the Danish who the pathfinders worked with and it ended up on the web and that beuchers got it. tut tut.

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