Op Herrick to be under US OPCOM

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, May 21, 2010.

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  1. Just flashed on BBC news.

    UK forces in Helmand to be placed under US OPCOM.
  2. Here

  3. Not sure why the British are under command of the Americans and the Americans under the command of the British; unless this is paving the way for the British to make the switch to Kandahar?
  4. Yeah, that's really 'news' isn't it? I mean M4 isn't American is he? Or Rodriguez at IJC, he isn't American either. And SACEUR, he isn't always an American is he............ :x

    And UK forces on TELIC 1 and subsequently, they weren't under US command were they? Oh, hang on...........

    Move along people, nothing to see here.

    Perhaps the surprise is that a British general will be in command of operations being conducted by US and Canadian troops, while an American general will take charge of British forces In a NATO Coalition, why should that be a surprise? And in any case, Nick Carter won't be commanding RC(S) for ever, will he?

    Journos - they do my head in!
  5. ....or exactly the opposite so we don't have to move to Kandahar to be under a UK General
  6. RC(S) is a NATO HQ and, as such, is rotational. It just happens to be the UK 'turn' right now.

    Now 1 MEF is MG Mills' command and is about to become HQ RC(SW). TFH etc will be a separate land combat element within it (it won't be a part of the USMC LCE).

    The real question is whether the Joint Chiefs can get the USMC to agree US/UK rotational command of RC(SW)..................perhaps JJH could put in a good word for us?
  7. And the R3 hosp at Bastion has an awful lot of US people working there already eh.... ( remember it is a rumour service folks)
  8. What I find interesting is that during the invasion of Iraq in 2003, the UK forces (1 Armd UK Div), a 2* command came under OPCOM of USMC 1 MEF - then a 3* command.

    Now, USMC 1 MEF is a 2* command operating under a scratch NATO 2* command (RCS) built around 6 UK Div.
  9. They're only working there because it would be pointless creating a further R3 next door in Leatherneck. And they're USAF, so they ain't welcome there either!
  10. This is all prep before TFL kick us out to Kandahar before the Canadians vacate. Not to sure why people thought we were already under US OpCom before this though? That is simply not true.

    Hell, NATO and OEF have only just managed to come under a unified US Command relatively recently. This is a great development.
  11. Does this mean we will be under the yanks award system to? Get a load of medals we probably dont deserve but which will certainly be a clunge magnet?
  12. It's called NATO.....just think we could be under French command...Zut Alors!
  13. Actually it's nothing to do with NATO. ISAF and Operation Enduring Freedom are under a single US Command.
  14. NATO's main role in Afghanistan is to assist the Government of the ... Since NATO took command of ISAF in 2003, the Alliance has gradually expanded the reach of its mission, ...
    www.nato.int/issues/afghanistan - Cached