OP Herrick Pay and allowances for TA

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by tyrannasaurus-spex, Feb 7, 2012.

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  1. Could someone enlighten me as to how TA soldiers are renumerated during an operational tour (with reference to a standard OP herrick 6 month deployment)?
    I have tried to find this information on arrse, google etc but it isn't forthcoming.
    So for example how would the wage structure break down for an infantry private during:

    Deployment on operations
    Associated leave

    Is it just the standard £44 a day or is there an allowance for being deployed etc? This is assuming the TA soldier has no other job (or has left their job) to assume civilian life after the mobilization.

    Just to clarify - Money is not the prime motivation but I can't seem to find this information anywhere online - If anyone can link me to a document which defines this then happy days!
  2. When you get to Bastion you submit a claim for travel and expenses.

    Till then, you're self funding.

    Ask your PSI
  3. you are paid the same as a regular soldier (unless you earn more in civy st) so whatever the day rate is at your rank plus you get LSA and OpBonus (29.20perday in theatre).

    You also get any other allowances like unpleasant working and living about 5.50a day.

    Leave you get annual allowance plus POTL (1 day for every9 in theatre)
  4. I'd just add that unless it's changed recently the Op Bonus is paid as a lump sum at the end of your tour/demob.
  5. Factor in that TA pay does not include the full X Factor, so your daily rate of pay will increase by roughly 10%. That rate of pay starts when you mobilise and finishes on the last day of your mobilisation.
  6. Full brief at RTMC, take pay statements if you get paid more in civvy street, take a copy of your glasses prescription if you need specs...

    ...In fact, ask your PSI or try the search function - there are a load of threads on this already.

    ps - good luck!