Op Herrick & Op Telic Freepost Petition (PARCELS43)


Hello everyone - You might have already seen and signed this petition for freepost to our brave soldiers. There is a freepost scheme currently running up until the end of the year but we want it to continue beyond that. Please consider signing this, if you haven't already, and send it on to as many people as you can!

Thank you all very much. I know that my son has less than 4 weeks out there but I'm sure the families of the soldiers leaving to replace them will appreciate being able to send Morale in a Box for free.
Hi I haven't looked in for a while as been busy with parcels43,there are now 15 ladies throughout the uk raising awareness of freepost for our troops. On saturday we enlisted the help of 11 army cadets in crawley Town Centre and between them and two or my ladies and their husbands they achieved 1571 signitures in support of our paper petition for free post for the troops,this is seperate to the online mentioned before,we also have lots of these in various locations in the UK.
Parcels43 also now has its own website ,please check us out ,print off some downloads ect or even a paper petition or two.
My own son has been home for three weeks now,its great to have him home though i am very aware of those who loved ones have not returned and my heart goes out to those families. I and all the parcels43 ladies are trying our hardest to ensure freepost is what the brave men and women of our UK forces keep for the remainder of their tours in conflict areas. Thankyou for your support , please check us out at www.parcels43.co.uk kind regards Teresa Theobald (email links on webpage)

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