Op Herrick numbering

Help please !

I am trying to fathom out the numbering for Op Herrick.

Op's Veritas and Fingal merged into Op Herrick on or about July/August 2002.
The next I can find is Op Herrick 4 Apr 06 to Sept 06 and since---What were the dates for Op Herrick 1--2--& 3.

each 1 lasts 6 months, take it from there.
That does not work out if you take Herrick as starting in July/August 2002.

If you go back ie Herrick 3 -- Oct 05 to Mar 06
2-- Apr 05 to Sept 05
1-- Oct 04 to Mar 05

What were the tours July/August 02 to October 04 called ?
occassionally a tour will last longer than 6 months, i believe the current Telic is an 8 monther in name.
of course not! this is the MoD were talking about, were not supposed to know, keeps us on our toes.

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