Op Herrick Guide for sale

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by wolfbolt, Dec 28, 2011.

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  1. Now maybe I'm taking life a little too seriously but surely the selling of RESTRICTED documents on EBay is not exactly kosher?!


    Granted, much has changed in the way of TTPs since 2009 and with the rate that books about Herrick are being churned out much can be pieced together but I assume regardless this is a big no no. Given our operational maps are of the same classification and they are subject to OP Plunder I'd think this falls in the equivalent of selling them online and that would irk me.
  2. Im pretty sure from looking at it that it does not hold any TTP's or anything like that. I think that it is the one with a guide to Afghan history and customs etc.

    The Coy level operations version would be an issue but I think this one would not tell anyone anything they did not know.

    This is from memory so could be wrong though
  3. Our Herrick 16 ones have TTP's and tactics in. Shouldn't be on ebay.
  4. Are you sure? There are two separate books
  5. Leave it there and see who wants to buy it or start bidding, I think arrse managed to get a genuine SAS smock or some such thing up to a million pounds before e-bay pulled it.
  6. This grips my shit. Even if you're 99% sure it doesn't have any TTPs stuff in, why run the risk and potentially make the bad guys job easier.

  7. Bang on mate, and at the end of the day it says restricted top and bottom and that's there for a reason.
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  8. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    For shits and giggles, sent this to the seller:

    "You'll notice the words 'RESTRICTED' at the top of your Herrick theatre booklet.

    This means it's illegal to sell that document.

    You've been reported to the appropriate RMP's down at London District HQ.


    Plus, as I've been stagging on all over the Festive period and am bored to tears right now, I'm going to actually find the appropriate phone number and give the kind peeps a call.

    Why the **** not, eh?

    P.S - LonDist HQ RMP's? No idea, just threw that in to make it sound sexy.
  9. you are one crazy mofo. Have you checked out his other items aswell. You should get bidding up on some gems like this to help pass your time on guard.

  10. IIRC LonDist RMP's are based in Woolwhich, would have made it a little more convincing ;-)

    Besides, I concur it should'nt be on Fleabay..