Op Herrick, financial.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Ben_surfsup, Jul 28, 2012.

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  1. Guys, before i get drowned in torrents of abuse for asking such a cleft question.. hear me out!

    If i was lucky enough to get through inf, CIC etc before Jan next year, what are my chances of being able to go on Herrick19? and if so, the most important question, who here has done it, and what state do you come home in financially.

    for example some have told me you come home having been paid a 19k salary and 6k bonus which are in your bank untouched (so after tax about 21k?). others have told me no 6k bonus, some have said you pay your way out there and only end up with about 5k in the bank when you get home.

    Basically, if i was to go out, with no outgoings back home, rent, council tax etc, what sum of money would i be looking to come back to, as i think this might be the most exciting way of getting a deposit for a house!

    Thanks in advance
  2. $100,000,000
  3. Well, in theatre you only need to pay for things like toiletries. You don't pay food or accommodation, you get paid LSA the lowest level of which is an extra £6.69 a day on top of your normal wage. After a 6 month tour you get your Op Allowance which is about £5.5k.
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  4. Good one!
  5. I heard last month from someone from Lydd that no TA will be on H19, dont know how true this is, but the individual was well placed to know such things.
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  6. Cheers, so off the top of my mong head, thats what, about 22k per year before tax, working on (43.54 daily rate, 6.69 sep x 330 days ish.) and i guess the gov being the gov, even the op allowance is taxable, so come come with about 17.5k. seems reasonable! - if i am correct.

    Well done, pat yourself on the back.

    And interesting! i will have to look into this we were specifically told H19 would be what to aim for, but this could scupper my plans quite considerably.
  7. If you are doing it just for the money then you are doing it for the wrong reason!

  8. ..Yeah, not like all the Bods who join up already married with Kids......they doing it for a house.
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  10. Depends if your unit if down for H19, if not you'll have issues in getting all your required training done after completing CIC.

    Due to the way things are changing and the draw down of Combat troops then it's unlikely that you will be required, we're going from ground holding to Security Force Assistance.

    With regards to the OP bonus I was told that H17 was the last time this was being offered, I may have misheard though
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  11. No, this is not the only reason whatsoever. I am just trying to plan ahead. and the possibility of a large some of money in my bank surely warrants trying to plan for? esp as i am looking to get a deposit on a house in the next few years!

    And perfect, I was being stupid, including pre-d and leave in my primary school maths! thanks, much appreciated.

    And thanks, will look into this, along with the possibility of no TA being deployed at all!
  12. Might be a bit stretched medically speaking if that were true?
  13. It's not a case of TA not being deployed as some IAs and specialist units like AMS will inevitably continue to support HERRICK, it's just that the need for IAs Infantry will get less as the requirement for boots on the ground reduces, Infantry Battalions will be able to fulfil their commitment.

    So if you can get your all your WTS completed and all the required training by your Battalion then you can go, if not then depending on your Battalion you could always go on TOSCA

    Depending what Battalion you are you can always wait until they trawl closer to the deployment should they have any gaps to fill.
  14. Sorry i was only referring to combat augmentee's
  15. 1. I would be really surprised that there is an official 'no TA' policy anywhere. It flies in the face of the intent of A2020 (better integration of reserves). If you are trained, keen and competent then you will almost certainly find a seat on a plane. As a TA augmentee, you may also have skills that will be useful to units that are conducting SFA, so well worth letting people know what you can bring to the party.

    2. Your motivation for going on the tour has to be right. While the media is no longer focussed (and fatalities have dropped) you will probably find yourself in some sticky situations that will test your courage and resolve. It is still a very dangerous place to be (the Afghans don't call it "The Desert of Death" for nothing). I worked with four TA soldiers on H11: one was 40 when he joined us and I can't help feeling it was a bit of a mid-life crisis. He lasted most of the tour before his hips gave up and he was RTU'd. Another finished the tour but struggled with load carrying, a good popular lad otherwise. The third was excellent and like you was saving for a house (he was on his second Herrick tour). The fourth - a lovely lad - was killed in the line of duty. Please make sure you understand the potential costs and ask yourself if it is worth it for that deposit.

    Good luck!
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