op herrick 2010

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by greeny140, Apr 30, 2009.

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  1. can any one tell me when 6 supply regt RLC are due to go out on herrrick?
    i think its early next year does any one know the exact dates?
  2. Ah, technology. In my day, being a Taleban Int Officer meant all the planning and admin hassle of getting lads out on the ground, activity matrices and all that ...
  3. As 6 Supply Regiment RLC no longer exists I would say that they are never going to deploy.
  4. Northern Ireland, Dublin Im sure
  5. Cunt. At least when I asked I did it properly.

    If you know which Herrick you're supposed to be on, then ask that. As for specific regiments, no.
  6. so where are 50 missile RA going?
  7. I wouldn't know I'm a loggie not a gun bunny.

    Although google seem to suggest they are in suspended animation.
  8. I heard it was summer 2015 and they were deploying in the armoured role. You should check though.

    What? It is the "Rumour" service.
  9. it wasnt at you, 6 supply has gone?
  10. wasn't a Dr who tour, going in 1912?
  11. Yeah - It got cancelled due to difficult financial times.

    I also heard that all units who get posted there in future will be issued with a Youtube account and a digital camera.
  12. Don't listen to them above. :roll: 6SR are due to deploy summer 2010, supporting the KOSB battlegroup.

    Any further questions, ping me an email. :wink:
  13. It changed its name a few months back.
  14. Guys, security isn't a dirty word. PM would better than broadcasting dates units and Battlegroups on the open forum
  15. Quality..........OPSEC....... don't you just love it! (do you know there flight time? I'd like to wave em off!)