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Op HERRICK 18 Homecoming Parade; Marlborough 28th November 2013

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Invicta, Nov 28, 2013.

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  1. For those who are interested, soldiers from 4 MI Bn marched through Marlborough today as part of the homecoming celebrations for those who recently returned from Op HERRICK 18. The H18 soldiers were accompanied on parade by other troops from 4 MI Bn and marched behind the Band of the Grenadier Guards. Gen Houghton, CDS & Col Comdt took the salute. CDS also took part in issuing the medals along with Comd FTC and Brig Rupert Jones (Comd 1 Mech Bde).

    The best pictures that I've seen so far can be found here:

    Homecoming troops march through Marlborough (From The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald)

    and here:

    Marlborough: 45 Company Parade Through Town - Heart Wiltshire News

    The turnout was fantastic, lots of local people, school children and families of the H18 troops. There was also an old Int Corps veteran, who's name I didn't catch, but looked the right age for WWII. He enjoyed the parade as much as the rest of us! The Corps Colonel and Comd 1 MI Bde also issued 4 MI Bn 'campaign medals' to the children of the soldiers on parade, a nice touch.

    The pre-booked Chinook fly past didn't happen due to 'low cloud' apparently, but it's the RAF so you never quite know why exactly....

    Oh, for those who know the SNCO pictured on dog handling duties, he has already acquired the nickname of 'Dog Major', which he just loves. Please don't let him forget it!
  2. Sad to have missed it.
  3. Crikey; smart, uniform and in step - not like in my day young man!

    Well done one and all.
  4. Very well done - although I have it on good authority that 4 MI is full of woofters.
  5. Very impressed, well done all who took part. RSM your guys did you proud.
  6. I second that - its nice to see the Corps, and in particular 4 MI Bn, getting the recognition it so richly deserves - a Very smart turnout - Well done RSM (and the Dog Major - when did the Corps acquire a mascot that was living ?)
  7. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

  8. 4 MI has been affiliated to Marlborough since receiving the freedom of the town in 2011. The Bn parades there on Remembrance Sunday as well.
  9. I believe the CO picks the most prestigious town that he would have to bus his regiment to in order to get an OBE.

    On the flip side either 4MI has a new "dog handler" or he's lost some weight.

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  10. Ouch!