Op Havildar 4

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by kollontai, Aug 18, 2011.

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  1. Hey guys,

    I'm currently serving in the Light Dragoons and we've been warned off for deployment on Op HAVILDAR 4 in April next year. I've served for over 5 years but haven't done an op tour before; I just missed out on the Regiment's deployment on HERRICK 22 and as we all know, opportunities to go on tour have been a been a bit limited since then! The closest I've managed to get so far was doing donkey work for the plod during the Olympics in 2012 lol!!

    So basically, a few questions for anyone who's been on HAVILDAR already. How long is the flight to Eritrea and, once you get to Amara from Brize, what's the score with getting to Camp Dowler in Teseney from there? Is it airlift or road move or what? Also, I know that that section of border is the responsibility of the BRITFOR, Austrian and Ecudaorian parts of the UN contingent. Are all those national groups based at Camp Dowler or is the base purely British?

    Is the op stand-down at Gash-Setit Wildlife Reserve something that everyone gets to go on or do you have to be a 'blue eyed boy' lol? Finally, what is the score with accommodation / ablution facilities for males and females on camp? 2 of my AFV crew are girls so this one's a bit close to home, haha!

    Any tips greatly appreciated guys!
  2. Op Herrick 22? Working on the 2012 Olympics? Tell me, have you been smoking crack?
  3. Wah shield up.

    Never heard of this Op.

    Wah shield down.

    (monging it ignore)
  4. So the Herrick 22 and working on the 2012 Olympics didn't give this away as a WIND UP then?
  5. Damm the emperor mong is watching me.
  6. I'm soon to deploy to the pub. If I take the Bus what sort of bus will it be..a big red one or an even bigger red one with a rubbery bit in the middle. Once i get to the pub what will the toilets look like, will i have to share them with females and will the toilet roll holders have been removed and the toilet systern sprayed with WD40 because of a charlie problem in the area. When I leave the pub will I be able to get a taxi home or will i go to the kebab house. Will i wake up the next morning wondering how those big green chillies ended up on my doorstep.

    Any help great appreciated guys and gals
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  7. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Not to mention the web link in his signature block.

    Also, from the Anorak corner, Havildar is an Infantry or dismounted NCO (Sjt/Sgt equivalent). The Cavalry version is a Duffadar.
  8. Don’t take any notice of these sarcastic bastards, mate.

    The flight is six hours. You will be met by Cpl Millar (mobile No. 832112365 if he’s not around) with road transport to Camp Dowler. For security reasons they use a civvie car, but it’s a dark blue Fiesta and you can’t miss it. Milly’s a good bloke so ask him to take the B46 road which takes a bit longer but it’s more scenic. You will arrive just after 5pm if you don’t stop off at the pub just outside of town beforehand (strictly speaking it’s out of bounds, but it’s quite safe). You will then be issued with the code for the compound gate (C4562X) (that’s not the real numbers of course, but just add one to each digit and you will have the correct combination).

    Can’t say any more without breaking OPSEC.

    Have a great time.
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