Op Hanwood 1

Discussion in 'Bosnia/Former Yugoslavia (Op GRAPPLE, Op RESOLUTE)' started by c53204, Oct 5, 2011.

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  1. I (REME) was attached to the Medics on the first Op Hanwood in June 1992, based at Croatia Airport (the old Yugoslavian Air Force part). We built a bar and swimming pool next to a make shift LAD and called it the Rustic Inn.

    Anyone remember if this was still there on future Op's and if so, any photo's. I took some but have long lost them.
  2. I was on that same tour, 3fld Wksp attached to the medics. loved building the bar and pool, photos to follow if you want.
  3. I was there too. Rag & Shag. Who was the REME WO that whilst paraletic rode his bike in to a tree (or something) and looked like the Elephant man for a few weeks?
  4. 2490, get the photos up.