Op Granby (Reunion) online discussion 24th May


On the Army Flying Museum website.... Link
Join us at 7pm on Monday 24th May for a live discussion, debate and reminiscences of the First Gulf War and the role of aviation. Colonel Paul Beaver, who was a presenter for Sky News and a commentator (taking part in 723 broadcasts) will chair the debate. The panel will include:

Colonel Mike Wawn - who commanded 4 Regiment in the Saudi desert, then into Iraq/Kuwait

Major David Gell - who was one of his young Gazelle pilots and posted to 659 Squadron

Major General Neil Sexton - who was a young Officer on attachment to the cavalry, prior to joining the Army Air Corps

The live panel discussion will be broadcast at 7pm on Monday 24th May and there will be the opportunity to ask your questions in the Q&A.

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