Op Granby Picture

Can anybody help?
Whilst I was on Op Granby I spent some time with 207 Signal Sqn as part of SAS/MC 633. We replaced the Satcomm det that had been with them since the initial deployment and spent most of our time colocated with 11 Ord Coy.
During our time there we had an official photograph taken of all the signals personnel and though we were promised details of how to obtain a copy they never came through. Does anyone have a copy of the photo or know how and where I can obtain a copy?
Sorry to jump on board but while the thread is current, does anybody have any copies from 1 Div circa 1990 - 1992 pre Granby, post Granby?
Div main Alternate Alfa 2 Sqn - to be exact? PM me please if you have, cheers.
There was also a photo taken of Bravo troop 7bde forward sig hq, we were next too the basra road and it was taken around one the panzers - we were holding all sorts of weapons that we'd managed to scavenge, rpg's, ak's. mortars, sniper rifles - we had the works man. Dont supose anyone got a copy of that one
cambrai said:
Was this the picture of 4 people next to the SAS/MC @ 7BDE FWD?

If so i might just be able to help you on that one


No, it had all the guys form the Dets in it and a few officers, must of bin about 30 or so people in it - i think it was taken by the photo journalist who was travelling with us - i think i recall seeing the picture your on about but that was way back in the day, no idea where you could get a copy from tho'
I've got a photo of the EWLO Det, well before the Bde deployed. Most of us stayed with the USMC(God bless them) but you kept one of the panzers and a couple of Ops.....does that help?

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