Op Frankton Remembered

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by fairmaidofperth, Dec 10, 2007.

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  1. Exercise Frankton Remembered is a historical re-enactment by two serving Royal Marines Commandos of the Cockleshell Heroes raid in December 1942.

    Following exactly the same route as the Royal Marines back in 1942, Marine Lee Hanmore and Lance Corporal Rick Melia will paddle down the Gironde in France, using a replica Mark 2 cockle canoe and a mixture of original and replica equipment from World War Two.

    The exercise will be completed under tactical conditions during the same five night time frame.

    Best of luck to Lee and Rick, hope the weather improves! Look forward to the pics.

    If anyone is down there, there are several commemmorative events going on over the next few days. linky
  2. Did they make it?
  3. Yes, with a surprise ending. Will post when I have more details.
  4. Err..........they were taken to Paris and shot by the Germans? 8O

  5. Apparently they were arrested by the gendarmes at some stage. Fortunately not shot. Well done lads!
  6. I was lucky enough to meet Bill Sparks, one of the 2 survivors of the raid, when he was working as a Bus driving instructor for London Transport in the 80's.
    A very modest man who opened up a bit once I'd explained that I was ex RM.
    Now passed over the bar. RIP Royal.
  7. ”Apparently they were arrested by the gendarmes at some stage. Fortunately not shot.”

    Well, I was tempted to include ’given away by the French’ in my quip, but it doesn’t seem fair to keep blanket bashing the froggies. :wink:

    Re being arrest as ‘a fair cop’, which no doubt it was, has similarities to the very first Commando raid in 1940, cross Channel, as some of those men were initially arrested when they returned. Everything was on a ‘need to know’ basis and no one exactly knew – being the first Op – who should or might ‘need to know’. And, in the summer of 40 everyone was somewhat paranoid due to rumours of invasion. Black faced men turning up from the sea in uniform with no insignia and carrying strange weapons – i.e. the alien Thompson, only 40 odd in the country then – a fair cop. :D

    All power to the Royals for their commemorations. Such a great shame there is no direct lineage for the Army Commandos.

  8. Good effort.

    Having read an account of the original effort the actual Cockleshell heroes really were men of the highest order.

    God bless them all.
  9. This raid is a great story and has always facinated me. I am sure that I read somewhere, not so long ago, that a UK film company was looking into making a film of this. Does anyone know if the project has got off the ground?
  10. Already been done surely. Trevor Howards in it.

    Yep IMDB confirms "The Cockleshell Heroes" with Jose Ferrer and Trevor Howard. LINK
    If you want a laugh read the user comments at the bottom.
  11. I've seen the original but not for years now. I understood that a fresh film was being made- but it is more likely that it is my imagination.
  12. My old man was in it! He's in the squad of RM recruits that marches into the gate as the heroes wander out, early in the film. He always thought he should have had a clasp on his NGS for that :roll: didn't go on about it much, thankfully :wink:
  13. Some good background info and pics about the original op from the RM website click here
  14. [​IMG]

    "I was in Cockleshell Heroes", as David Lodge always took time to mention during Spike Milligan's Q series. :roll:

  15. What are we going to do now? :D