OP Flashpoint Red River - Worth it?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by viceroy, Jun 8, 2011.

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  1. I have seen some the Arrsers playing this on xBox live. It still costs 32£ and I do not fancy buying a game that can be completed in solo mission in half an afternoon (Homefront, bunch of *****). Thoughts? I am primarily interested in the solo missions, playing only black ops in multiplayer these days. Cheers.
  2. it's worth it, mate, but wait till the price goes down.

    There's no rush.
  3. Played on hardcore mode and its good!
  4. The first on was good. You lead a team that was a be stunned, and some times it was easier to leave them somewhere out the way but all in all pretty good.
    In comparison to COD, you need to think about it a bit.
  5. THat sounds a bit like the SOCOM Series I played years ago on the PS2. Same there, was best to leave the guys behind most of the time. I dont care much about pricing tbh, as long as it is an interesting game to play solo and offers gambling for more than a couple of hours. Playing Alan Wake these, days, pretty interesting and involving.
  6. The campaign is interesting and some parts challenging, plus there are several stand alone missions which my fav is CSAR.
  7. Kind of, except you don't have the voice command problem, and the stand still when you throw grenades at them.

    Online play was goodif it was working. It had similarities to one of the delta force games. Much more polish, and a alot slicker though.
  8. ok ok, you convinced me, ordered it. It better be worth it, glad I did not buy homefront... Actually found it for 35 EUR.
  9. However, duke nuke'm is out soon if not already. That used to be good to kill time to.