Op Fingal/Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by pongoglo, Aug 6, 2003.

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  1. Any one out there done Afghanistan recently? I understand that various TA battalions have sent one or two platoons as formed sub units. Apparently its a 'short tour' deployment, three months in theatre, one month work up? Be greatful for feedback..could be on the cards... :?:
  2. We have guys on this now...

    The inital trawl, said 3 months and a beatup , Half the regiment put their names down, then the tour length crept up to 6 months, months beat up, months leave, so that's 8 months.

    Not sure of current tour length, seems to change by the week , depending on the duty rumour.
  3. mission creep ? extending your mobilisation :? could happen in iraq after once you have signed the dotted line you belong to the TA as long as you wear the uniform so you have no real choice as to tour length its in your contract "as long as needed "
  4. I believe the term is "For the duration". I know is shouldn't be, but....
  5. There were some TA lads out there last year when I was there. They got jiffed for 'security duties' (read sangars & gates) most of the time, but did get patrols out every day. Read recently that they only do security now. If that is the case, be prepared to be bored out of your skull.........you wouldn't want to do 3 months of it, never mind 6, honestly.
  6. all that for a gulf / GSM medal doing guard duty for 3 to 6 months ,you deserve a medal for not losing your mind through boredom ! :roll:
  7. medal medal medal medal medal
  8. the threat that they would only be doing secruity was given cos the unit
    that was doing its pre deployment training was not coming up to the required standard. THey pulled there finger out and do patrol . Were involved in clearing up the mess when that coach of germans got blown up
    by all accounts dead wounded and bits lying allover the place .Not really
    somewhere you want to be having done a couple of weekends first aid training but their regular commanders were full of praise for those who wer involved in that incident.
  9. Our chaps went yesterday, three months on the tour and two months build up.
  10. have spoken to some guyd who came home from second lot
    Body count from ta soldiers in afganistan is so far
    One stray dog ?wounded or at lest frightened soldier thought it was rabid fired at it missed .he claims he winged it but 5.56 against malnourished mongrol i think if it still walking he missed .
    One humvee written off one yank injured .RTA at bagram one landy
    and humvee at night just driving using nvg and both speeding recklessly
    colison humvee driver no seat belt so went through windsheild ouch
    landrover wheel broke so our hero couldnt scarper
  11. I was on this tour, and the patrol with the dog.
    The dog was shot by one of the regular lads who were put in with the TA lot to make their numbers up.
    It was a single shot, and it hit! The dog ran about 50 yards whilst yelping, then collapsed and died.
    The patrol callsign was Two-Zero-Bravo.

    The hummvee Wimmik collision took one of our guys out. The lofty TA chap had almost his whole arm severed courtesy of a loose weapon mount which was forced through his arm. This happened duing the day, they were driving down to Bagram (only three of them) to guard the British ammo dump within the airbase.

    Old topic I know, had to comment after randomly stumbling accross it.