Op Ellamy - Ops Allowance?

As the title suggests, are individuals who are currently deployed on Op Ellamy in receipt of Operational Allowance?

I shall contact my unit HR this morning however, I was hoping that someone on ARRSE would be able to enlighten me first.

Cheers, Squip.
Op allowance...going by your name, get back to the sewing machine. It is hardly Afghanistan! I bet you are smashing pasta and pizza every night...OPS?? I bet that's a tough tour!
I heard the RAF have foresaken 5 star hotels on this job, to save money. So it will be Op Allowance, VCs, work in arduous conditions all round!!!

TrIM assessors are being trained up in their hundreds as we speak to counteract the lack of triple choc frappchinos.

4 star hotels are so Army.

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