Op DEADSTICK 70th Anniversary

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Golf_one_one, May 16, 2013.

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  1. After the RAF PR machine's effort for the 70th Anniversary of Op CHASTISE, how should we commemorate Op DEADSTICK and the other GPR/AAC/Airborne elements of Op OVERLORD in 2014?
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  2. I've already spoken to the 'badge' regarding next years pilgrimage to Pegasus Bridge. We are considering a larger than usual rabble, in No2s and Guidon etc. Going to start booking after we return next month.

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  3. The official line is that we are not celebrating the 70th anniversary of Op CHASTISE as "who celebrates 70th anniversaries? We will celebrate the 75th." But you try telling that to Joe Public and the gentlemen of the Press who seem to want to. So, against the wishes of Les Grand Fromages, we have had to play ball.

    That said, the three original members of 617 Sqn might not be here in 5 years, so celebrate away, I say.

    When I went ashore with HQ 3 Div for 6 June 2008, the old boys there were talking about the 70th in 2014 being their last big push as they openly admitted that there would not be too many of them left by then. So celebrate and be damned!

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  4. I should imagine that re-enactment groups are going to be pretty busy over the next few years.
  5. I will mostly be wondering around Normandy P*ssed from the 03rd - 07 Jun this year. I will be easily recognisable, I will be the one speaking English in a slightly Oh so superior manner. I will also be not far from some Black Watch bloke who thinks he's in charge ^~
  6. Enjoy the trip - plenty of vin d'honneur at every memorial we paraded at or even just happened to be passing in 2008. I'm surprised we could even stand up by the end of it. The party on the night of 5/6 June at Pegasus Bridge with assorted AAC and airborne lads along with some locals, veterans and re-enactors was epic.

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  7. Is the correct answer! It's as much about our opportunity to celebrate and remember those who are still with us, before they're all gone.
  8. Is the AACA arranging anything, or does anyone have experience of any tour operators, for next year?
  9. I have a feeling in my water that the whole WW1 anniversary thing will start to grow multiple limbs next year and all the other stuff will pale in the focus of some :)
  10. Very likely, but I know the PRA are focussing on the Arnhem 70th, I was just wondering that the GPRA are likely to be doing the same given the age (and likely longevity) of the members.
  11. Our programme this year is running in harmony with the GPRA. No doubt, next year will be the final big push. We will still go every year as a Regt, though.

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  12. Will be a few very moving ceremonies next year, Pegasus bridge and Arnhem will be special places to be, even more so than usual.
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