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As you are probably well aware, tomorrow night marks the end of our most protracted engagement, Op Banner, what is less known is the sacrifice that members of the Royal Regiment have made during the period, even today when people asked where I have served and I say "Northern Ireland" they look at me confused as say "Did we use artillery in Ireland ?" We have the auspicious honour of having the first casualty as well as the last of the conflict and with 57 casualties the highest amount for a single cap badge outside the UDR/RIR.

Whether it was on patrol or drinking in the Kings Arms, everyone a hero and sorely missed

06/02/1971 Gnr Robert Curtis New Lodge Belfast Gunshot
15/02/1971 LBdr John Laurie Butler St, Ardoyne. Belfast Gunshot
10/08/1971 Bdr Paul Challenor Bligh's Lane Londonderry Gunshot
31/08/1971 Gnr Clifford Loring Stockman's Lane, Andersontown. Belfast Gunshot
14/09/1971 Sgt Martin Carroll Bligh's Lane Londonderry Gunshot
27/10/1971 Gnr Angus Stevens Lewis Lane Londonderry Gunshot
27/10/1971 LBdr David Tilbury Lewis Lane Londonderry Gunshot
31/10/1971 Gnr Ian Docherty Andersonstown Belfast Gunshot
29/12/1971 Gnr Richard Ham Foyle Road Londonderry Gunshot
10/04/1972 LBdr Eric Blackburn Brooke Park Londonderry Bomb
10/04/1972 LBdr Brian Thomasson Brooke Park Londonderry Bomb
02/06/1972 Gnr Victor Husband Rosslea Fermanagh Landmine
02/06/1972 Gnr Brian Robertson Rosslea Fermanagh Landmine
07/06/1972 Sgt Charles Coleman Andersonstown Belfast Gunshot
11/06/1972 Bdr Terrence Jones Great James St Londonderry Gunshot
11/06/1972 Gnr William Raistrick Rosemount, Creggen. Londonderry Gunshot
11/07/1972 Bdr Terence Jones Great James St, Londonderry Londonderry Gunshot
07/08/1972 Gnr Leroy Gordon Lisnaskea Landmine
07/08/1972 LBdr David Wynne Lisnaskea Landmine
14/08/1972 Major David Storry Andersonstown Belfast Bomb
03/09/1972 Gnr Robert Cutting New Lodge Belfast Gunshot
28/11/1972 Gnr Paul Jackson Strand Road Londonderry Bomb
11/04/1973 Gnr Idwal Evans Bogside Londonderry Gunshot
28/04/1973 Gnr Kerry Venn Bloomfield Londonderry Gunshot
03/05/1973 Sgt Thomas Crump Creggen Heights Londonderry Gunshot
25/11/1973 Gnr Joseph Brookes Bogside Londonderry Gunshot
25/11/1973 Bdr Heinz Pisarek Bogside Londonderry Gunshot
21/01/1974 Sgt John Haughey Bogside Londonderry Bomb
04/02/1974 Gnr Leonard Godden M62 motorway Yorkshire Bomb
04/02/1974 Bdr Terence Griffin M62 motorway Yorkshire Bomb
13/03/1974 Gnr David Farrington Bank Street Belfast Gunshot
08/04/1974 Lt Col John Stevenson Otterburn Northumberland Gunshot
22/06/1974 Gnr Kim MacCunn Antrim Road Belfast Gunshot
30/07/1974 Sgt Bernard Fearns New Lodge Belfast Gunshot
08/11/1974 Gnr Richard Dunne Kings Arms, Woolwich London Bomb
18/12/1975 Gnr Cyril MacDonald Bank place Londonderry Bomb
17/01/1976 Gnr Mark Ashford Londonderry Gunshot
03/07/1976 Gnr William Miller Butcher's gate Londonderry Gunshot
24/10/1976 Gnr Anthony Abbot Ardoyne Belfast Gunshot
22/11/1976 Gnr Maurice Murphy Ardoyne Belfast Gunshot
11/01/1977 Gnr Edward Muller Belfast Gunshot
23/01/1977 Gnr George Muncaster Markets area Belfast Gunshot
01/03/1978 Gnr Paul Sheppard Clifton Park Ave Belfast Gunshot
02/08/1979 Gnr Richer Furminger Armagh-Moy Road Armagh Landmine
16/12/1979 Gnr Alan Ayrton Ballygawley Road Tyrone Landmine
16/12/1979 Gnr William Beck Ballygawley Road Tyrone Landmine
16/12/1979 Gnr Simon Evans Ballygawley Road Tyrone Landmine
16/12/1979 Gnr Keith Richards Ballygawley Road Tyrone Landmine
20/09/1982 LBdr Kevin Waller Divis Flats Belfast Bomb
19/10/1984 Gnr Timothy Utteridge Belfast Gunshot
26/04/1988 Gnr Lyndon Morgan Carrickmore Tyrone Bomb
08/03/1989 Gnr Miles Amos Donegal border checkpoint Londonderry Landmine
08/03/1989 LBdr Stephen Cummins Donegal border checkpoint Londonderry Landmine
18/03/1989 LBdr David Sheppard Armagh City Unknown
02/06/1990 Major Michael Dillon-Lee Dortmund Germany Gunshot
02/12/1993 LBdr Andrew Garrett Victoria St, Keady Armagh Gunshot
12/02/1997 LBdr Stephen Restorick Bessbrook Armagh Gunshot

I would like to make special mention to

14/05/1994 L/Cpl David Wilson Keady Armagh Bomb

"Jock" Wilson, although not a gunner but a loggie was the only death I endured after 4 tours in the province

We will remember them

And thank you all... from an Ulster Gunner.
I was the Londonderry City Infantry Company Operations Officer on the night that Gunner Amos and Lance Bombadier Cummins were tragically killed by an IED.

I remember the utter professionalism displayed by all of their comrades in the RA Border Battery, and would very much like it to be known that I will never forget the sacrifice made by those two young soldiers that night or the mental anguish suffered by the survivors.

Sadly, the fight goes on, and although the enemy wears a different mask we will defeat him.
I was in boys service with Paul jackson, he was in another battery but I remember him well.
RIP Lads.


deleted as information may not have been correct.
It is a sad moment to reflect on, I did 2 tours, both in 2nd, the first was the Maze when they broke out, the second was Belfast in 93, the good news was that targets fell when hit on their side and didnt get up by themselves :lol: In Belfast we had 2 hits by gunshot against us and I am pleased to say that INIBA deflected one hit and a Sifter the other, both walked away. :D We had 1 gunshot hit at PIRA at the Maze who survived sadly, and 1 gunshot hit at a Loyalist in Belfast in 93 who survived after a siege sadly, it goes to show both sides were targetted :D
Remeber Belfast 93 with 2nd very well. the bloke that had 7.62mm in the INIBA chest plate was my team commander. F**king Lucky bloke.
The last guy KIA, Steve, i was in the OPs Room for that. RIP mate!
'Rounds complete' soldiers...............

Gone, sorely missed BUT never to be forgotton. Your selfless committment to service is what makes Britain so Great.

Honi soit qui mal y pense

Rest peacefully.

pug27 said:
Remeber Belfast 93 with 2nd very well. the bloke that had 7.62mm in the INIBA chest plate was my team commander. F**king Lucky bloke.
The last guy KIA, Steve, i was in the OPs Room for that. RIP mate!
Remember that incident with your team commander, Big nose moose if i remember rightly. When i asked if he was ok he said he was pi--ed off because he had only just bought the combat smock and it had a hole init what a bloke... 8)
Had just waved at Cyril MacDonald (Daddy Mac) and Colin McInnes (REME)on our way up to the Masonic car park to watch Top of the Pops from a patrol when the Bomb went of, Mark was also a friend of mine, 42 (Hvy) Regiment RA, not a day passes that I do not remember them, rest in peace.
bagpuss31 said:
wellyhead, was that the lad down at keady?
Yeah. That was him.

PIRA attached an IED to the blind side of the sanger on a Parkway timer and he was killed instantly when it detonated.
P Bty lost a lad on internment night in Belfast in 1980,Ginge Smith I think his name was from Bridgewater.He was killed when the scooby crushed him between a pig,as far as i,m aware.
bagpuss31 said:
wellyhead, was that the lad down at keady?
Yes that was, limpet mine on his sanger, didn't know him that well he was my tea leaf once on guard, nice bloke bit quiet

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