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As someone who managed not to go on Op Banner , IT crossed my mind that the lads are not remembered nor celebrated enough by Joe public.
I have thought of a silly, probably , Idea of how they could remind people of their efforts. This is prolly Bollixxx but I thought this was the place to fly it .

Perhaps next year Veterans of this conflict could band together in their own towns and folks from mixed regiments / corps could perhaps go out on patrol in civies/ working clothes perhaps wearing berets with blackout cap badges. Go out out in Sticks as many as they can muster and "patrol " the local city center and side roads. Tail end charlie walking backwards , ducking in to cover of shadowed door ways covering each other as the cross roads etc .

Some could even set up dummy VCPs on the side of the road and have other vets in their cars being stopped and searched ( not the general public as there would be tears and letters to the daily mail. )

I just though if the civi pop saw this activity for a few hours on a Saturday afternoon might bring it home a bit ,especially as the Troops would be older bolder and in civvies .

stands by for flack.
Para reg would be butt swiping gobby kids with their walking sticks, beating the shit out of everyone else and calling other blokes craphats.

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