Op Banner photos - some memories for the old and bold

This morning I spoke with Lou Grimshaw at the Etobicoke military show. Unfortunately, he does not recall receiving an email from the handsomest rifleman in the third battalion. However, he did receive an email from his former company signaller, whom he referred to as 'Tiny.' He remembers Tiny quite well, as he does the company commander. At the time of Tiny's email, Lou was up to his eyeballs in getting medals and decorations ready for those attending Remembrance Day ceremonies, but he does intend on getting back to him.

Tiny, Lou said, was an interesting guy. A signalman who remustered to the infantry, because he liked it better. Lou spoke very highly of British infantry signallers and said they were better trained and used more modern equipment than their contemporaries in the Canadian Army.

Lou said he was also overwhelmed by everyone in the battalion being known by nicknames, which he said could become confusing when every redhead was known as 'ginger.' But I digress.

As I said, Lou also remembered the company commander, he of the hyphenated surname. Said hyphenate was the second born twin and was therefore out of running to inherit the father's barony baroncy title. Lou did run in to the non-Baron again years later, when the hyphenate was a Colonel.

All this to say, Tiny, that Lou will be getting back to you.

Tiny is Canadian? Do I follow that correctly?
Here is the entire sordid story.

Our coy 2 I/c was a Canadian, from PPCLI and a blinding bloke.
Do you remember his name?
His name was Lou Grimshaw and it would be around 1969-ish. Lovely bloke, absolute gent.
I have the honour to inform you that Major Grimshaw (ret'd) is still alive and kicking, and running an antique medals and decorations business in Kingston, ON. I see him at military shows regularly. In fact, one is coming up on Saturday the 17th next.
Thanks for that Dan. I will drop him an e mail. And do give him my best when you see him next.


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All I recall is KEO
Yassou = Hello (from the Choggie bar).
Nissi = Navy (from the UN ID card).

Yassou Nissi = Hello sailor.

Well the six months were long. We needed to entertain ourselves somehow.
Companies of 1RRW form up for a collective post Op Banner Debrief in the Gym at Normandy Bks Aldershot. On the same de-briefing we got the info of a move to Belize which was quite pleasing after a cold rural winter in Armagh.
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