Op Banner photos - some memories for the old and bold


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And how many Rifles battalions are there?

. . . . . so much for a "Regimental system" . . . . .
I need to give you an ‘astonishing’ for use of ‘Regimental’…:wink:


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When throwing stones was still on the secret list.
Have to admit Pontius pilot was my first CO, so I class myself as one of the old and bold, but not one of THE OLD AND BOLD, who I believe had some one called ugg as their first CO.
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I need to give you an ‘astonishing’ for use of ‘Regimental’…:wink:
Catch yerself on.

The Regimental 'system' is the unsystematic, emotionally overloaded, tribally confused, devil-take-the-hindmost mish-mash that the corporate Army is wedded to.

The Wegimental system functions at capbadge level, and exists to ensure that 'the right sort of chap' gets to be CO, and have a crack at General's rank.

Some capbadges excel at the game of Wegimental vs Regimental system, and they make a steady stream of Generals. Others don't.

The question of whether either game produces the kind of VSOs the Army really needs (we know they don't), and what would it take to remedy failure is the subject of other threads, and I won't re-hash it here.

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