Op Banner photos - some memories for the old and bold

From The Torygraph a few days ago;
View attachment 567284 British troops watch as members of the Ulster Defence Association parade through Belfast in 1972. Two unnamed British soldiers will go on trial in Belfast next week over the killing of an Official IRA commander in the city.

Black lids - RTR ?

Loving the M3 Field jackets and Jungly deerstalkers there gennelmen, but the mixed dress of Stretch in the shades is an affront ..... what aboot ye?

I remember the fuss when some eagle-eyed picture editor spotted an NF symbol scrawled on some poor daft squaddy's flak Jacket.....made a big deal of that as I recall.
Number two in the line is Ellwood from the Blues Brothers undercover. Gen.


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Andy in that case if the rifle was pulled from you then it pointed away?


Weren't rifle slings attached to the wrist by the soldiers operating in Aden? I seem to recall having seen photographs of that.
Yep... rear swivel, making it harder to turn the weapon upon it's owner.


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Probably because absolutely nothing ever happened there. You could have gone out on patrol armed with a stick of rhubarb and nobody would have cared :)
They didn't call Belcoo RUC station the Belcoo Hilton for nothing you know.
Murderous scum springs to mind.
Dead terrorists.
The biggest coincidence in history?
"Good" Terrorists?
Un fcuking lucky, fellas.

Wasn't expecting that.

are we refering to the totally unbiased & military supporting ,patriotic BBC of old london town?


I was thinking of "prospective bombers" perhaps.


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As indeed it was in the same TAOR in 1975, and in Londonderry in '78

Co Armagh '76 - no slings at all.

Co Armagh '91 (SA80) slings at all times, but since they were 3-point, the issue didn't arise.
Ummm, yes.
I always thought one of the improvements with the switch to the SA80 was the sling.
The advantages were the overall size and weight of the SA80 vs that rifle.
Someone else will have done both in NI.
The thing about the SA80 was it had a clip to hold it across your chest and leave both hands free to do other tasks.
The High Ups said no, and therefore on tour hands would be on the rifle (as it was then being called) at all times.
LSW was also inadequately introduced (my burden), and that brought further issues.


You appear to imply that orrsifers never got 'stuck in' when rioting was in train.

. . . in which case . . . . .​

Ooh boy, oh boy have you led a sheltered life :-D
.. oh I don't think so!

I have mixed it with the best of them on Creggan Heights.. I just can't remember junior officers wading in with batons.. They were usually trying to keep tabs on WTF was going on and telling the Ops room to F Off...

Obviously opinions varied..!
1RGJ rifle sling policy.

73 tour Belfast. Slings on rear swivel.

74/75 tour XMG/south Armagh. Slings top and rear swivel out in the cud’s and rear swivel only on patrols exclusively only in the village.

77 tour Belfast. Slings on rear swivel.

There was a degree of latitude on the 74/75 tour but most rifleman followed the above. On Belfast tours, the rear swivel rule was strictly adhered to.

I haven’t got a clue why the guy in the picture had his sling attached like that. It wasn‘t usual in my experience but of course I wasn’t on that tour.

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