Op Banner photos - some memories for the old and bold


According to British Army from 1945 1Bn, RRW served in Armagh from Dec 1978 to Apr 1979. It was based in Lemgo for the first part of 1988 and was the IDB at Warminster from August onward with no mention of a NI tour.

yep we , 2RGJ, took over from the RRW in Apr 79 ..... plus Dungannon, Keady, Coal island .. and when we finished that tour we moved straight up to Belfast for a little bit extra ... which was nice.
Morning @beefer,
Guys were still arriving by boat October '79.
My Bn took its vehicles across on a ferry from Scotland in Feb 1980. Came back via an RFA to Southampton.
Just because 3 flew in doesn’t mean 1 wasn’t uderslung out.
To be fair never had a problem with Lynx 5/6 availability, only one I saw break was in Belize after a tree strike.
I could be wrong here but I think the tree/helicopter interface in Belize was a Gazelle.
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Thanks for that. I was 99% convinced that they didn't have Lynx in Belize.
Yeh, the poor lad (Al I******w) who crashed his Gz came up to Aberdeen and joined the company I was in. Good lad, had a cracking photo of himself sitting on the crashed aircraft looking very pensive.