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Op Banner Official Analysis of Military Operations

Sorry if this has already been linked to, couldn't find it on a search.

Makes for pretty interesting reading:

Thanks mate. I used to be able to link t'internet sites to posts with a simple one click icon but can't seem to do it anymore.

The PDF is pretty interesting I thought. I'd be interested to see if there were other open source post op analysis reports of recent ops online anywhere.
Interesting doc BB. Interesting little part about UK, France, and Libya:
France was involved indirectly by links between INLA and the French terrorist group Action Direct, and directly through the French Navy’s seizure of the MV ‘EKSUND’ on 31 May 1987. ‘EKSUND’ was carrying 3,500 crates of arms and ammunition, including 20 SA-7s, 1,000 AKs, ten DShKM heavy machine guns and two tonnes of Semtex commercial high explosive. The French authorities believed that Libya was involved in the provision of this material. PIRA also had links with the Basque terrorist group ETA. Another country with less.
I'd forgotten the French were involved.
I remember reading that only two or three years ago, members of a PIRA splinter group were arrested in Brittany trying to purchase some weapons....for decades, there has been some mostly "romantic" links between Breton autonomists and the various Catholic Irish paramilitaries.
Yep, we did.

John Major should have got the credit after taking over the mantle from Maggie but Blair strolled on in, took the plaundits and then gave it all away.

The IRA were militarily ground down, riddled by the intelligence agencies with informers and basically losing big time so they did the only option left, politics. They did ok once Blair came on the scene to be the saviour.

Has any mentioned that Mcguiness and Adams made a small fortune as touts?
Can you expand on that at all? Genuine interest, not having a dig.
France was one of the few Nations not to actively engage in an informal network of ATOs across the World. Quite why I don't know, but French Terrorist capabilities were largely unknown by agencies outside France.

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