Hi guys,

just wanted to check on something. Did NI qualify for adding days to your LSSA balance all the way to the end of Op BANNER in July 2007? Reason I ask is that I did two years there before July 07 but my LSA balance is only 500-ish and taking into account other tours ect by my reckoning my days should be more like 1000.

Any ideas?

If you were posted there, then no, if it was a roulment tour then yes but as you say you were there for 2 years it was more than likely a posting so I doubt it.
However you do get ACSM days and when you reach 1080 then you get another medal.
Sadly no, you need your print out from the clerks and jpa to check them, and if you think you have enough you need to bid for the medal.

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