OP BANNER - fun with OOBs

now op banner has come to a close - does anybody have any tales of dodging the fun police (provost staff, RMP, SIB etc)for a night on the tear in NI.

Why was it that all the best spots were always listed on the OOBs list? I recall early 90s at Lisanelly bks, Omagh. To reach our designated OOB establishment we had to firstly get past the camp gestapos. This would either be extraction through main gate opposite silver birch hotel or through UDR camp St Lucia across the rickety bridge. we would have a convoy of clean cars with gated soldiers stuffed into boot. if our own company was on guard then bonus, bribe the gateman with 20 fags - laffin.

Once out it was a race to Kellys in portrush to get hammered. this place was coated with talent and still is. This place would kick out at 1 so we would then follow the convoy into either Belfast for the network or Banbridge for Circus Circus. time to watch the clock from here as we had to get back to lisanelly before the guard changed.

It was always a game of cat and mouse.
I once urinated against the fence outside the British Embassy in Dublin while a serving soldier in NI. And waved at the camera. :D

That was pretty much OOB in those days.

I pulled one night and woke up the next day in Bonmore estate. 1990 it was and I shit myself when I walked out of her house and realised where I was.

My personal favourite however is my mate having to phone the Ops room to extend our booking out time as a few of us had decided to stop off on the way back to camp for a few beers.

The Ops room were fine about it, but they did ask what we had done with our weapons (including an SA80) as well as the smoke grenades we had.

Well my friend said we didn’t want to take them into the pub, so we left them under a bed in the house of a mate of ours house in Rathcoole estate.

The guy in the Ops room presumed we were joking and had left them in the local RUC station.

We were not joking and even worse, we did not have the heart to tell him that the magazine fell off the SA80 when we were smuggling it into the house wrapped up in a jacket and rounds spilled out all over the road.

I have never seen brass picked up so fast.

Oh and I have, as many here have I am sure, been ‘on safari’ on duty.
The 2nd most embarrasing moment of my entire life came when I was caught red handed with a female player in what I thought was a place where i'd get away with it :)

My face was a f*cking picture...& so were theirs (all 6 of 'em-in civvies & tooled up) as they pretended not to have recognised me.

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