Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Leonidas_I, Jul 25, 2007.

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  1. Thanks for your sentiments. Is it fact that Op BANNER does finish on Monday (?) ? If so, at what time ?

    There will be many to remember.
  2. Midnight 31st July 2007. End of Op Banner, and also the passing into history of the R Irish (HS).
  3. Hear, hear!
    Hopefully there won't be an Op Banner pt II - The Return :D But look out for some sh*te yank film (another) rewriting history :evil:
  4. Good riddance to OP Banner, but a sad farewell to the Royal Irish (Home Service)
  5. Good riddance to Op Banner, I echo those sentiments. I also hope that no return is necessary. Only 5000 troops in NI now, so that's good - Same amount (nearly) as Iraq.

    Luckily, the similarities end there.
  6. whats happening to the HS (UDR in my day)
  7. Laid off.

    I'm sure some in NI can give you better details than that, but thats the basic answer.

    Sad, I have had many members of my family serve in the UDR and Royal Irish.
  8. nearly joined them once.
  9. RIR HS has been disbanded

    The RIR regular batallion has been kept as has the TA batallion

    MoD recently published an account of Op BANNER on their FOI websiteOp BANNER Report
  10. Actually me too; I applied for a commission with the UDR but I was 'talked out of it' by relative already there. (He has his mate throw my application in the bin :cry: )

    He thought I would be better off where I was. Maybe so but I would have very much liked to have served with them for a while at least.

    RIP, the hundreds of lost UDR and Royal Irish soldiers.
  11. Does that mean the GSM (NI) will no longer be issued or has that already stopped?

    In memory of the victims of the Lisburn Fun Run Bus in June 1988
    RIP guys.
  12. Might pop over and cruise the Lower Falls again....for old times sake and maybe pop in for a pint at that pub on the corner of Cupar Street/Springfield Road always looked inviting,wonder if the outer stockade has been removed???
  13. Many thanks for that link!

    Can anyone identify the print on the front of the report?

    It looks like a 'Cuneo' painting that would look great on my wall.

    Anyone know where I could obtain a copy?
  14. Why not mate, even XMG has turned into a tourist spot, i had family who were here serving in the 70,s with the Welsh Guards stay in Forkhill a few years back. Saying that apart from some folks living there(being careful :roll: ) the countryside is spectacular when it doesnt rain and you arent carrying a fully loaded burgan etc.
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