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Op Banner book being written


An ex Green Jacket has approached me through our unnoficial Regimental Website with a request for Stories from NI from the 1980's. It seems that he has plenty of material from the 70's and hit a blank spot for the 80's I have tried to put the hot summer of 83 in west Belfast into some context. He seems pleased and I am as yet unsure whether to be anonymous. I think that despite the passing of Op Banner itmay be prudent still to use a Nom de Plume so If anyof you read his book when published you should recognise my account.
If any of you are intersted in seeing your stories published then pm me with either a Googlemail or hotmail type account and I'll pass you on to him!
Hot summer of 83?....What about the wet and cold winter and spring of 82/83 mate?

I would be grateful if you could keep me posted re this publication - should be a great read!



I have pm'd you his e mail address. I wrote a few stories from our 83 tour, damn hot, and our 86-88 residential. He knows a few characters himself being ex RGJ.
I have sent him something like 6000 words this week, he sorts it out, puts it in a page with a chapter for each year and in intro to the year by a list of statistics. Makes for some pretty stark reading!
When you see you words appear below this even indraft it adds a personal touch that only first hand experience can give.
I hope it will come across like the letters back from the front books of the last two wars.
Is this purely a Jackets thing? I can probably offer a variety of late 70s (you were the residential bn in Ebrington I seem to remember when we were in Derry)and '80s stuff otherwise.


No its a soldiers view set against a backdrop of statistics for the year!
The soldier can be a cook, bottle washer or driver, it doesnt matter if the soldier saw nothing and was bored or suffers PTSD. The whole point of the book is to lay out in chapters with a paragraph at the top explaining the statistics then hopefully some of the stories will relate to these!
I described the loss of a lad fro our company, he then followed my story with a piece on the details of his family, the circumstances of his loss etc!
Not all the stuff gets used but he says it puts things in perspective so any memories can be out down and you can remain anonymous if you wish.


Book Reviewer

As an aside, a book called "Brits Speak Out" was published about 10 years ago shortly after the PIRA cease-fire and was entirely composed of soldiers stories from 1969-96.
Brits Speak Out

Well worth having a gander at, if it's still available.


Cheers mate, I'll pass this on, I am really not the author! trust me I'm not that articulate, just an ex grunt!

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