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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Trigz, Jan 14, 2008.

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  1. I've got selection on the 22nd and am going in for the op asst. role. I read somewhere on ere that gunners aint really that well respected in the op role. can anyone elaborate on this for us please. Cheers.
  2. Yes. That is arrant nonsense. Crack on - being an OP Ack is a brilliant job, with some of the best bits of the artillery and the supported arm.
  3. that's good to hear, I'm well up for it anyhow! I got selection on the 22nd so not long to go now then. are you an OP ACK then?
  4. just curious on what it involves, what's your day to day life once in regiment. cheers for the advice
  5. Have a root through the Gunners forum. There are a number of threads asking the same question, and it will save us all retyping stuff we've done already.

    Although a baldy bloke, Cuddles is right. OP work is about the best job in the Army according to many.
  6. wicked, you lot are really helpful. thanks.
  7. I am not bald, I just prefer a close cropped look and my kevlar has been painted pink...
  8. Best job I had in the 22 years I served with the Gunners. Back in the early eighties there was no way you could get on the OP's without doing time on the guns first. It was a sought after job. The pay band might've had something to do with that.
  9. I doubt the advantages of the pay band are as similar now ay! I can imagine there's just as much infantry combat training involved as the technical side of things.

  10. Same here, best job you can have if you can "hack it"

    I was plucked from obscurity on the guns to the rarefied air of the OP's in the late 70's early 80's and never looked back, did all the courses going including advanced sigs and was band 2 class 2 earning more dosh than some people who had been serving a lot longer then me, but the money was a bonus, the job was good enough reason on it's own as far as i was concerned.
  11. OP is a cracking life.

    In fact anything that gets you away from the BC and BSM has got to be a bloody good job. I never had a BQMS come round with a bedford full of crates of beer yet when attached to the tankies their CQMS came around nightly and you could get it on tick.

    The bunnies hated such tales especially when they had been given the royal run around by said BSM :)

    Only when you see the life of luxury that reme have while on ex or such does been an OP come into perspective but that is easily negated when you see the lot of the bunnies.

  12. sounds great but if you could possibly do just a bit of translation for me it'd be much appreciated.

    4. Bunnies

    I am just about to go selection this Tuesday so quite far behind in military fluency lol!
  13. Ah sorry.

    1.BC = Battery Commader
    2.BSM = Battery Sergant Major
    3.CQMS = Company Quater Master Sergant
    4. Bunnies = Those poor buggers who serve the guns aka gun bunnies

    And dont worry about been fluent it gets hammered into you. Everything in the military is an acronym. And the time is always the same :)

  14. yea thats what my mate in the army said. I just so badly wanna get selection out the way and get through to basic, it's such a long process. I'm going through my 3rd application so am well aware of the wait, don't make it any easier though. How often do you actually travel about with the RA, I obviously know you do but never get a real straight answer when I've asked my recruiter, maybe it's different for him as he's household cav which is fair but am really curious. would like to be based in germany.
  15. "I just so badly wanna get selection out the way and get through to basic"
    Ah i remember having similar sentiments. It soon tunred into days to do getting few ...

    "How often do you actually travel about with the RA."
    When i was in we were doing approx 1 tour a year (and they were not the ski-ing images shown on tv) . I guess things have not settled down any now that they are all over the place and the lads will be as busy as ever.

    Any one from the "household cav" is akin to Harry Flashman and should be avoided less you find your estate has been swindled from you :)