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How long on average does it take to train an OP ack in the TA to a point where that person is deployable in that role ?

As I understand you do driver , driver / sig then op ack training which leads me to ask,

At what point during that training do they become deployable ? driver, driver sig etc ...

You're deployable once you leave Ph2 training at Larkhill, but you wont be deployable as an OP ack until you are one - after doing the training you mention. YOu could deploy as part of a FST (as an OP ack), but as there driver pretty sharp after ph2, but if you want to be calling in the fire that will take longer.
OK that advise was for Reg soldiers, for TA it is as follows.

Once you have completed TSC (A) and (B), what used to be known as Wkds 1-6 and CMSR, you then need to complete your Communicator RA course, you are supposed to do the Basic Close Combat Skills course as well but a waiver can be granted as OPTAG training will cover all that and more.

You are then a Level One Gunner and able to deploy, training will be delivered mostly when you get to the regiment your are mobilised for. Although having a OP (TA) course would be useful its not necessary as

a. The TA course only gives you an oversight of the basic guns job
b. The FST have many other streams that you will have to be trained in, so essentially you start from scratch.

Essentially there is no level of trained OP(TA) that is deployable, as there is no real level of TA soldier that is instantly deployable, this is why you will be with the Regiment some 6-8 months or more before deployment

However before you get all misty eyed about calling joint fires whilst saving the local goat and winning a MC, you will only get that job if there are slots available, remember you have some control when you go but not necessarily what you do.

Good Luck

Level 2 OPA is being delivered in at least one TA unit (not RA(V) though). I don't have exact details but IIRC it is delivered over 2-3 months. RA Comms is a pre-requisite for the course.

Whilst the spirit of what you say about no soldier being instantly deplorable is correct there are a handful of TA soldiers currently mobilised and deployed in FSTs, I would have thought that RA(V) should be able to achieve this as well.

The regular RA are also actively seeking TA YOs to deploy as FOOs - however that is FTRS.
I do hope that no TA soldier is deplorable :wink: sorry couldn't resist

Can't speak for TA OP, I'm a different discipline, however a course run over a number of weekends can only give you core skills to assist in a FST, but not full training.

My feeling was the original poster believes that post TSC(B) they will do a couple of course then be qualified to bring metal rain in far flung shores

as for the YO comment, i know one individual who will be gutted after making an "interesting" career choice
If you're dead keen to call in fire, maybe think about transferring to the Infantry and training as an MFC.

You will be VERY popular with this skill.
Thank you for the information gentlemen.

I was more curious if I would have to complete all the courses upto and including the OP ack course before being able to deploy even, if it was as a driver, and how long that might take or if I can deploy in one of the other roles in an FST once i've gained enough of the relevent experience.

Wellyhead, my appologises if I came across as in that respect, as much as I would like to deploy as an op ack, save the goat and get the MC :) in reality I think its more likely I will deploy up as driver/signaller/general duites.

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