OP Assistant... So hows it work?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Mr.Brown, Jul 3, 2007.

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  1. OK now that I've concluded OP Assistant is the job for me, I'm looking to get a little more depth as to how it works. It's been hard for me to dig this up since all the info I can find on the net is about the US Army/USMC and USAF Combat Controllers.
    So a few questions if you'll oblige me:

    What's the structure like? Do you normally work within a team? Are you sometimes stuck into a unit on your own? Is it normally at Pn, Coy or Bn level?

    What is the job itself like for a normal assistant? What are the usual duties?

    Do you get much combat training and do you often have to operate as and with Infantry?

    And do you remain part of an Arty Regiment or are you part of the maneuvre unit you work for?

    Cheers for any help you can give me.
  2. I realise the above is a bit vague, but there is an element of the string-length scenario here.

    If you are in a FST in Afg, your team might be a bit bigger, and you'll be shovelling shells, bombs, rockets, missiles, GPMG, ECM and anything else to hand in the direction of Terry Taleban.

    If you are on ex in the UK, your team will be a bit smaller.

    It's the best job in the Army for a JNCO in my opinion*. Being an FOO is the best job for an officer. Both are part of the same OP Party.

    * with the possible exception of AFCO Fiji
  3. lol thanks mate that about covers it actually. So there's a bit of work if you're just a chap as well, that puts my mind at ease, I was worried you had to be a bit more senior to get the job.
    Oh I am wondering one thing: Will I have to carry a jimpy?
    That is a thought I do not relish.
  4. Highly unlikely you'll be carrying a GPMG. LSW perhaps, but most likely the L85A2.

    Why would you want a GPMG when you have at your beck and call the massed might of an AS90 Regt?
  5. Good point, I just figured they might sting you with one to defend the team if your post is about to get overrun by opposing forces joe.
    LSW I can dig, they look kinda sexy, although I dont really understand the logic in making them for the SAW role.
  6. So I guess my next question is what is the course like? And what's the selection for it like?
  8. aye its good craic up in the OP party, but unfortunately the rest of the regiment loves to hate you because of

    a) supposed easy life
    b) ignorance, the boys on the guns rarely have a clue what actually happens in an OP!
    c) and finally cos you feck off in your own wee group to tab/drive to your OP lookout, or if you're lucky get flown there (big up OP Onion!)
  9. Best job in the Tri-Services bar being a fighter pilot!!!

    Spent 16 yrs making the bunnies dance to my tune...... :D
  10. before you get all excited............ unless you are on an Op tour you WILL spend your first few years making some W***er brews all the time, writing down the missions in the signals log but rarely getting on the net and tabbing around with bits of kit that you never use or need........

    after that however I agree with Darbyshire its the best job in the services except for one ..............

    (and now i am starting to realise why cannon pigs hate OP's)
  11. Sounds like fun. Will I be seeing much in the way of ops? This is personally part of the appeal to joining the British Army instead of the Australian one, so I'd be ticked off if I took a job that wound up being all about exercises in the UK.
  12. If the guns go you go, simple as
  13. Works for me. Para Gunners is out for me because I have an injury in my inner ears that'd stop be from parachuting, but I figure I could give the Commando Gunners a crack after I've been in for a while.
    Then again, maybe not, given what I have seen of Royal Marines initiation rituals...
  14. edited due to lack of interest..
  15. It's not a hearing thing. My hearing has been assessed perfect on several occasions. No my inner ears are no good at handling very rapid drops in pressure, as one would experience in parachuting. Flying as a passenger is still kosher, and I havent had any troubles with the two dozen flights I have taken over the past 10 years, and I haven't had any trouble most of the times I have been SCUBA diving, however I did have an accident which nearly made them rupture, although, to be fair, it was the kind of accident that could have caused my lungs to rupture as well. Essentially my ears don't pop as easily as they should, thats it.
    Basically the MOs here told me I'd be fine in any job that wasn't para, SF or Aircrew.